Emmy Awards 2018 nominations: 5 biggest snubs this year

Alias Grace -- Photo credit: Jan Thijs/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
Alias Grace -- Photo credit: Jan Thijs/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

The Emmy Awards 2018 nominations have now been posted. It’s impossible to miss the glaring snubs for this year. Here are the five biggest.

Every year it seems like the same shows and stars are picked up for awards, and the Emmy Awards 2018 nominations are no different. If you expected to see Game of ThronesWestworldThe Handmaid’s Tale, and This Is Us on the list, then you would be correct. They all landed nods in various categories. Yet there were certain shows and stars missing.

As every other year, it’s time to look at the biggest snubs of the year; the actors, actresses, and shows that certainly should have gained some sort of recognition. Here are the top five.

5. Mandy Moore, This Is Us

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The series may have been given the nod and two actors were named, but what about the brightest female star of them all? Mandy Moore arguably carried some of the storylines with Milo Ventimiglia and continues to do the series proud in both timelines. The showrunners could have gotten someone older to play Moore’s roles in the present day, but she’s managed to take on both eras perfectly. And this year it was the big death reveal. Moore knocked it out of the park. It’s about time she’s recognized for that.

4. Freddie Highmore, The Good Doctor

Did anyone notice a certain someone missing from the Outstanding Actors list? Freddie Highmore certainly should have been up there for The Good Doctor. Honestly, the whole show was missed, but this is the biggest snub of all. Highmore has delivered with his character every single week. He’s believable and you want to help him in any way you can. The series is ABC’s number one drama, too! Where is it on the list?

Young Sheldon season 1 finale
Young Sheldon — Photo: Erik Voake/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

3. Iain Armitage, Young Sheldon

Speaking of actors who have delivered every week, we’ve got to look at CBS’ Young Sheldon. While it may be a prequel spin-off, it’s hilarious and Iain Armitage has captured the role effortlessly. It’s easy to believe that this is the younger version of Jim Parson’s character. There are others in the series who also deserve a nod, but just Armitage would be enough for me this year. Next year, I’d expect more.

2. Alias Grace

As a Canadian, I instantly have a soft spot for Canadian dramas. When I learned a second Margaret Atwood novel was being adapted for Canadian TV, my ears instantly picked up. Then I learned it would be a Netflix Original elsewhere. Alias Grace wowed fans around the world. It may be a period drama, but it’s one that is raw, shocking, but somewhat beautiful in a way. Yet, while The Handmaid’s Tale landed numerous Emmy Awards 2018 nominations (and some with multiple nods in one category), Alias Grace was completely overlooked and snubbed.

Outlander Eye of the Storm
Photo Credit: Outlander/Starz, Image Acquired from Starz Media Room /

1. Outlander

I’m a little biased, as this is one of my favorite shows at the moment, but I’m annoyed that the series was overlooked yet again. Last year I could accept; it wasn’t eligible for consideration. But this year, Starz put forward the show and a number of actors for consideration. None of them were nominated. My most disappointing snub is Sam Heughan, who crushed it in Outlander Season 3. “Of Lost Things” stands out as one of the most heartbreaking episodes, showing off his talent in just one hour. It’s time to stop looking at him as eye candy (that’s always annoyed me about this series) and for the talented, amazing actor that he is!

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What were your biggest Emmy Awards 2018 nominations snubs this year? What shows or stars do you wish landed a nomination? Share in the comments below.

The 2018 Emmy Awards will take place on Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC. Don’t forget to check out the full list of Emmy Awards 2018 nominations at the official website.