Colony season 3, episode 12 recap: Bonzo

COLONY -- "Lazarus" Episode 308 -- Pictured: (l-r) Wayne Brady as Everett Kynes, Peter Jacobson as Proxy Alan Snyder -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)
COLONY -- "Lazarus" Episode 308 -- Pictured: (l-r) Wayne Brady as Everett Kynes, Peter Jacobson as Proxy Alan Snyder -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network) /

Last night’s Colony began the war for the fate of humanity. Snyder’s men make a move to capture Kynes, while the Outliers fight to sneak him out. Also, Josh Holloway goes full John Wick.

We expected the latest episode of Colony to be action packed and it came through as promised. When we left off, Kynes had shut down all of the software in the Seattle colony and had activated his Outliers. At the same time, Snyder was given control of the colony and is now on the hunt for Kynes.

We know that these Outliers were collected to be the real resistance to the occupation but they first must get past the immediate threat posed by Snyder and the IGA. But first, we got a flashback.

The Flashback

At the start of last week’s episode we saw two outliers released into the woods for a “Deadliest Game” type of test. They were killed by an alien using invisibility tech and in this episode we see Kynes reacting to this test. He and his partner want to start a weapons program but the IGA is reluctant to put weapons into the hands of the Outliers, even in this test environment. Kynes then convinces the man to go behind their back and allow him to speak to the hosts directly. He puts on a special suit and we see the outline of the host but not the full body yet. Suddenly everything stats shaking and Kynes runs out, sweating and vomiting. He pulls up his sleeve to reveal some sort of marking on his arm. It looks like a series of numbers. Coordinates or something else.

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We also learned during this clip that there were about 400,000 outliers.

The run

Following his video message from last week, Kynes has gone on the run. He and his men load up two trucks to head to Bellevue but they get cut off by an IGA vehicle. They then take off on foot where Ford commandeer’s a vehicle from a community patrol team. For whatever reason they say in front of the patrol that they need to get to Bonzo.

Bonzo is an armory and deep within its walls is a bunker where Kynes and Ford hide. They then send out a signal for the Outliers to come get them by turning on their backup network.

The Bowmans

Back at the Bowman house, Will realizes his phone is on. Katie’s is not so they assume that this only affects the Outliers but they also aren’t sure it’s not a trap. They decide to go to Broussard about it.

While they’re gone, Bram gets a call from the community patrol telling him to come in. He goes and sees all of the patrol people are there. They are informed that Kynes has “stepped down” and then are told that the IGA will be taking over the patrol and that they will report to them now.

The Outliers

Broussard and Will decide to meet up with the other Outliers at the boxing gym to figure out their next play. O’Neil explains to them the details about the armory where Kynes is holed up and they being to plan their extraction. They’re short on medics so Broussard says he’ll bring Amy, who went to the Bowman’s to watch the “kids,” along.

When Broussard gets back and informs her, Amy isnt’ sure she’s ready to be a combat medic. Broussard convinces her she is so she agrees to go. Meanwhile, Will and Katie are not getting along suddenly. As Katie prepares to leave with them, Will tells her to stay. He tells her she’s a liability and asks why she wants to go so much. Katie begins to cry and says that she needs to be part of this mission because she was tricked into helping the hosts. She thought she was helping people and now she had to make up for it. He tells her to start with their kids and leaves her behind, adding that they’re better off without him.

The interviews

While the Outliers are mounting up, Snyder has worked his way to the kids who gave up their car for Kynes. Garland punches the boy once and he tells them that he heard them saying they were going to Bonzo.

After some time, they figure out that Bonzo is an armory and they prepare for an assault.

Bram makes a big decision

Bram comes home, it’s unclear if he left on his own or if he was released, and finds Katie asleep on the couch. He goes up to get Gracie and tells her they have to go. Later, Katie wakes up and realizes that the kids are gone and that Katie packed clothes.

The assault at Bonzo

While the Outliers are preparing, Broussard notices that Will seems to be off again. Will assures him that he’s at peace as they prepare for the extraction. They are heading to the building at the same time as Snyder’s men though they get there first. Snyder gives his men the order to capture Kynes alive or kill him in the building. He doesn’t expect to get another shot if they get out.

Ford leads the Outliers through the building to them in the bunker as Snyder’s men show up and surround the building. Broussard takes a group to get Kynes while Will takes a group to buy them some time. Broussard’s team finds Kynes and then Ford takes the lead as they work to get Kynes out of the building. As they go through a stairwell, Ford is shot and Amy starts to treat him but Broussard tells her he’s gone and they don’t have time. He steps up to lead again.

As they turn down a hall, Will shows up with blood covering half of his face. He says that he’s going to buy them more time and as his group, including O’Neil, starts to leave with him, Broussard stops them and tells them to come with him. This leaves Will alone to fight off Snyder’s men. It’s unspoken but it appears that Broussard knows Will needs this.

What ensues is a scene straight out of John Wick  for Will as he takes out the entire unit on one floor of the building by himself. Methodically working his way through the hall and leaving bodies in his wake. Downstairs, Broussard and the rest of the crew reach the escape ambulance and Kynes relaxes and gets shot. They get him out but he’s definitely wounded.


Garland was the one that got the shot on Kynes and he tells Snyder that he’s not going to live but Snyder is upset that he escaped. Garland’s men were slaughtered and Snyder lets him know that they’re going to get help now so things should improve for him. They take a small victory having taken the armory from them.

At the end of the episode, Amy is working to save Kynes and Will has not linked up with the group. We see him walking down the street with blood dripping off of his arm as if he’s wounded in some way.

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Next episode

In the preview for the season (and hopefully not the series) finale of Colony, we are taking yet another big leap forward. It appears that at some point during our human vs. human battle, there is an attack from the aliens of some sort. It is unclear from the preview if this attack is being done by the hosts to stop the Outlier team, or if it’s the hosts enemies finally attacking.

Colony has continued to improve with each passing episode. But with no renewal officially announced, fans of the show are worried about this coming season finale. Some feel as though they are treating the episode as a good stopping point in the case they don’t get another season. We’ll hope to receive some news soon, but in the meantime we have plenty to look forward to next Wednesday.

Colony returns next Wednesday at 10/9 Central on USA Network. We’ll keep you posted on any news of a renewal.