The Bachelorette recap: Becca’s Fantasy Suite dates, one man gets blindsided

THE BACHELORETTE - The gut-wrenching finish to Becca Kufrin’s romance with Arie Luyendyk Jr. left Bachelor Nation speechless. In a change of heart, Arie broke up with America’s sweetheart just weeks after proposing to her - stealing her fairytale ending and her future. Now, the humble fan favorite and girl next door from Minnesota returns for a second shot at love, starring on “The Bachelorette,” when it premieres for its 14th season on MONDAY, MAY 28 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
THE BACHELORETTE - The gut-wrenching finish to Becca Kufrin’s romance with Arie Luyendyk Jr. left Bachelor Nation speechless. In a change of heart, Arie broke up with America’s sweetheart just weeks after proposing to her - stealing her fairytale ending and her future. Now, the humble fan favorite and girl next door from Minnesota returns for a second shot at love, starring on “The Bachelorette,” when it premieres for its 14th season on MONDAY, MAY 28 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network (ABC/Craig Sjodin) /

On the Bachelorette, Becca and her remaining three suitors arrive in Thailand for the Fantasy Suite dates.

Things are really getting serious on The Bachelorette because ABC finally sends Becca and her top three guys to an expensive and exotic locale — Thailand. Becca’s traded in the sequins for a sundress, and she’s ready to get down to business. She didn’t foresee feeling so strongly for this many guys so close to the end.

Becca is in love with Garrett but questions if he can always challenge and push her. Becca has doubts about Garrett’s staying power.

Becca isn’t in love with Jason, but she’s falling for him. She feels she and Jason are wild and crazy together, and her connection with him is “off the charts.” Jason wouldn’t only be Becca’s love and her partner, he’d also be her best friend.

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Things with Blake are effortless, and Becca is able to be 100 percent herself with him. After their first date, Becca started to see a future with him. She’s definitely in love with Blake and can’t imagine not having him in her life.

Blake gets the first date. They hike to a temple. The one catch is they can’t kiss or touch along the way because they’re on sacred ground.

Once they get to the temple, they’re greeted by two monks who have some advice about what makes for a what makes a successful family life (honesty, compromise, generosity and patience). Love advice from monks. That’s got to be a first.

We all know how important honesty is to Becca since she’s stressed this throughout the season. Blake recognizes Arie failed in that department, so Blake is determined to not make the same mistake.

Blake continues to feel insecure about whether Becca feels the same way about the other guys as she does about him. This has been an issue for Blake for some time, and the closer they get to the end, the more he unravels.

Going into the nighttime portion of the date, Blake has a lot of issues to touch base on. He’s dying to find out if Becca acts the same way with the other men that she does with him. Blake knows they don’t love her like he does. The big question is does she love them?

Becca has her own concerns. She worries Blake is too good to be true, and something is going to happen to pull the rug out from under her.

Blake pushes a bit to try to get Becca to reveal where her heart is at with the other men, and while she’s sympathetic to what he’s going through, she neither confirms nor denies the intensity of her feelings for Garrett and Jason. She does some impressive pivoting.

The time comes for the couple to decide if they’ll spend the night together, and Blake is eager to have alone time with Becca.

The next morning, Becca’s dress is crumpled on the floor, and she and Blake snuggle in bed. She’s wearing a robe and has a full face of makeup on which isn’t generally the case after a night of raucous lovemaking.

Blake is still freaking out about what the future holds as he says goodbye to Becca.

The next bachelor on deck is Jason. Jason knows that at this point, it’s not about another rose or another date, it’s about a lifetime.

Becca and Jason explore a local market. Becca’s all about going with the flow when she travels, so the twosome munch down on some local cuisine, crickets.

Jason is confident that he’s found his best friend, his partner, and “what” he wants to be his fiancé. Not who, but what. Becca’s not a prize, and this off-the-cuff remark makes me wonder if this isn’t more about winning for Jason.

As the twosome walk out of a temple, Becca makes a comment about their future, and after she says it, she wants to take it back. In that moment, she can’t see Jason in the picture.

Becca goes into panic mode and steps aside with a producer on The Bachelorette, admitting she feels weird. Becca’s having a great time, but she’s overcome with doubts.

Becca decides to ride the date out, even though she can’t shake the feeling that something just isn’t totally right. She feels she owes it to Jason, and the relationship they’ve built so far, to see if they can get back on track.

Jason is clueless. He believes their relationship has been taken to the next level. Becca isn’t a great actress, so Jason doesn’t seem able to read the room.

Becca brings up the hometown visit, and Jason jumps right in and lets her know his family approves. Their biggest concern is not wanting to see him get hurt.

Jason wants to know where Becca’s head it at, and she brings up the moment at the temple. Becca again has to excuse herself on The Bachelorette. She’s got this great guy in front of her, telling her everything she wants to hear, and she just wants to shake herself and say, “What’s wrong with you?”

Yes, Becca can see a future with Jason but not as much as with Garrett and Blake. She feels terrible, but she knows what is right for her. Becca returns to the table and announces she can’t put either of them through an overnight if it’s not 100 percent there.

Jason doesn’t go down without a fight. He really wants to get into that Fantasy Suite, telling Becca part of this whole experience is pushing the boundaries of each relationship to see what’s there, A door shouldn’t close unless Becca is certain about it. So, Jason wants to know if Becca is certain she doesn’t see a future  with him.

Becca isn’t certain, she just sees it more with the other guys. Jason really goes into creeper mode, trying to get Becca into that suite.

Becca can’t explain herself any more clearly, and she hates to blindside him. She just doesn’t think they can get there at the end.

Jason goes out like a champ. He went into this rooting for Becca’s happiness, and he hopes she finds it.

Becca says she doesn’t want Jason to leave confused. Ha!!!! Of course, Jason points out how Becca might see how he could be. They say their goodbyes, and in the limo, Jason admits he’s shocked.

Jason takes the breakup better than Becca who has a meltdown after his departure, sobbing on her bed, questioning what she’s doing. She feels bad she wasn’t able to give him an explanation.

Becca equates what she did to Jason to what Arie did to her.

The show must go on, so Becca needs to pull up her big girl panties, and turn her attention to Garrett. Becca knows Garrett is falling in love with her, but she wants to find out if he sees himself committing himself to her.

Becca is all about getting a confirmation from the guys that she’ll be engaged, but she gives them nothing in return. The entire process is about getting these men to open up, let down their guards, reassure Becca that she’ll get that fairytale ending, and then she dumps them, ruining them for the next woman who comes along.

Garrett and Becca go bamboo rafting, but their romantic date happens to take place on a holiday, so it’s like Thailand goes wild. Even elephants crash the party.

Becca’s feels her time with Garrett confirms she made the right choice about sending Jason home. Arie promised Becca a future and failed to deliver, so she wants to make certain Garrett understands the gravity of the situation.

During the nighttime portion of The Bachelorette date, Becca’s really looking for Garrett to say he’s in love with her. She claims she doesn’t want to push him into something he’s not ready for, and she wishes Arie hadn’t said things if he didn’t mean them. Arie’s name has come up so many times in this episode, he’s like the invisible third wheel.

Garrett delivers. He’s never felt this happy before in his entire life. Becca coyly responds, “Really?” But this is exactly what she’s been fishing for. Garrett may be an outdoorsy guy, but it’s Becca who knows how to bait a hook. He tells Becca how much he truly loves her. He hopes Becca is the last woman he has to say this to.

Garrett doesn’t know it yet, but Becca’s on the same page. They decide to spend the night together.

After her dates with Garrett and Blake, Becca’s hoping for a moment of clarity to help her decide which guy will be the best for her. But there’s a last-minute twist — Jason returns. This guy is like the Terminator. He arrives at Becca’s hotel room.

Jason is shocked by how abruptly things ended. There was no closure or sound justification for where this all came from. It’s tough for Jason to leave without knowing why.

Becca doesn’t want Jason to think that just because her decision was so abrupt, it was easy. She admits that after he left she felt like Arie. She acknowledges she blindsided him, but it’s hard to explain matters of the heart.

Becca doesn’t want Jason to question his journey because what they had was so special. He is one of the best guys she’s ever met, and Becca doesn’t want Jason to doubt that.

Jason gives Becca a scrapbook which chronicles their journey on The Bachelorette together. They share a hug, and it doesn’t seem like this conversation did anything but rehash well-worn territory.

At the rose ceremony, Becca explains to Garrett and Blake why Jason is gone. Becca’s ready for these guys to meet her family. It’s up to them as much as her. Becca wants that 50-50 partner. As if these two would say no.

It’s a bit awkward as the two men in Becca’s life stand around trying to make small talk, but Becca breaks the tension when she reveals they’ll all be heading to the Maldives.

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