Nashville’s final scene was the perfect goodbye to fans

NASHVILLE -- Photo credit: Mark Levine/CMT -- Acquired via CMT PR
NASHVILLE -- Photo credit: Mark Levine/CMT -- Acquired via CMT PR /

Nashville ended last night and I’m still not okay. All I can say is that final scene was the perfect goodbye to fans.

There were so many awesome moments in the Nashville Series finale. Storylines were wrapped, various characters got their happy endings, and life went on. But it was the final scene that was the perfect moment in the finale.

Let me warn you now that there are spoilers. You want to see that final scene before reading this! Honestly, I don’t want to take that moment from you as you see it all play out.

After wrapping up the initial storylines, we’re taken to “a few months later.” Avery returns to Juliette and Deacon is on tour. It looks like everyone is starting to get their happy endings. All that needs to be wrapped is Deacon and Gideon’s storyline. Of course, on stage, Deacon finds it in his heart to forgive his father.

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But that’s not the beautiful thank you and goodbye to Nashville fans. The big goodbye is what comes after the two take to the stage. Maddie and Daphne join in, and then Scarlett, Gunner, Will, Avery, and Juliette, and then we start to see more walk in.

It’s soon clear that we’ve got the past and present cast of the series. Connie Briton, Eric Close, Will Chase, and so many more take to the stage to sing along with the song.

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NASHVILLE — Photo credit: Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR
NASHVILLE — Photo credit: Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR /

Nashville then goes one step further. After all, we’re not just saying goodbye to the characters that have changed our lives for six years. We’re saying goodbye to the whole show; those who created it and made everything come to life. We get the writers, the directors, the stagehands, the lighting crew, the sound crew, and so much more. Everyone takes to the stage.

Finally, it’s all about the showrunner. Callie Khouri takes to the stage to say her thanks to the fans. It’s us who should be thanking her for the beautiful show that she put together and brought back when ABC canceled it and CMT saved it. It’s not just us she’s thanking either. She wants to thank everyone who created this series and brought it to life, on behalf of the whole cast and crew.

Nashville did something I’ve never seen a show do in the Series Finale. Everyone had the chance to say goodbye on camera and we got to see just how many people were involved behind the scenes.

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What did you think of the Nashville final scene? Was it the goodbye you needed for a series that’s been in your heart for six years? Share your thoughts in the comments below.