4 Changes that need to happen in Riverdale season 3

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A moratorium on Black Hood material

I think it’s fair to say that one of the biggest missteps of Riverdale’s second season was the handling of the Black Hood. After a compelling introduction in the show’s first season finale, the mask serial killers presence soon became something the audience came to dread. And not just because he was cutting a swath through the show’s supporting cast.

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The biggest issue with the Black Hood was that he added an element of darkness and brutality that the show really didn’t need. While the program’s first season certainly had its share of violence, things got American Horror Story-style gruesome in season 2. The permanence of death and the randomness of the killings made lighter plotlines like Betty and Jughead’s relationship troubles feel inconsequential in comparison. Since romantic drama is that core of the Archie Comics and most TV teen dramas, this was a major problem.

Also, the plotline’s endless red herrings, complications, and convolutions made it feel exasperating midway through the season. By the end of season 2, the Black Hood subplot reached a somewhat open-ended conclusion. Ideally, season 3 will quietly let the case grow cold and get back to telling stories it better equipped to tell.