Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from August 2 episode include new HOH

Big Brother 21: Who will serve as the host this summer?(Julie Chen Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)
Big Brother 21: Who will serve as the host this summer?(Julie Chen Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 was back with its August 2 episode. This recap reveals a lot of spoilers from Episode 17, including who got evicted and who won the latest Head of Household Competition.

During the “previously on Big Brother” segment, a lot of past drama was re-shown to the CBS audience. The Big Brother 20 recap included Bayleigh Dayton stating that her target for eviction was going to be Brett Robinson. Then, Tyler Crispen won the Power of Veto, assuring Bayleigh that he was on her side (he wasn’t). But, when he didn’t do anything at the Veto Ceremony, Bayleigh continued to stay under Tyler’s spell. This episode would dictate if the target (Brett) or the pawn (Rachel Swindler) would go home.

Diary Room time after Veto Ceremony

Tyler had the first Diary Room session after the Veto Ceremony, where he stated he wanted to avoid upsetting Bayleigh and felt the need to just keep the nominations the same. Bayleigh was up next, stating that she had been the best HOH so far this season. She still felt that she was in complete control of the BB20 house.

The Diary Room sessions continued with Brett Robinson, who stated that he wasn’t thrilled to still be on the block and he felt that by Rachel bothering a lot of people in the house, she would be going home next. Rachel cried a lot in her Diary Room session, saying how sad she was that Brett would be going home. But would he?

Later, Bayleigh told Tyler that she was very excited that Tyler had honored her plan to keep the nominations the same. When Tyler spoke in the Diary Room after that meeting, he said he would target her as soon as possible. Next week could get very exciting on Big Brother 20.

August 2 Big Brother 20 recap: Vote counting

As live feed viewers already know, almost everyone in the BB20 house knows about Bayleigh’s secret power. This episode showed Tyler revealing the power to Brett, as Brett was worrying about the votes. Tyler told him that he was going to be safe and that it was Rachel who would be going home next.

Recently, Haleigh Broucher and Brett hung out on the backyard hammock for most of the night, presumably giving Faysal Shafaat a lot of worries about where her vote would reside. JC Mounduix was also shown in a Diary Room segment, stating that he didn’t know how he was going to vote. It all seemed like a plan by production to set up an exciting Eviction Ceremony vote to end the night.

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Swaggy C meets Bayleigh’s family

A segment was shown outside of the house, as cameras followed evicted houseguest Swaggy C as he went to spend time with the family of Bayleigh Dayton. He was asked by her father what his intentions are, and he told them all that he loved her. Her mother stated that he seemed sincere. It went pretty well, with Swaggy C saying that it made him love her more and miss Bayleigh.

Week 6 Eviction Ceremony

This is the point of the Big Brother 20 recap where the “live” eviction takes place. Rachel Swindler and Brett Robinson gave their speeches before it was time for the vote. It was also time for Brett to make another spectacle, speaking publicly about Beyleigh’s power app and ending by stating that Bayleigh was in charge of an all-girls alliance named “Man-Eaters.” The lies will probably cause drama again.

During the Eviction Ceremony, Rockstar was up first, where she voted to evict Brett. Then, Angela Rummans voted to evict Rachel, Kaycee Clark voted for Rachel, and Scottie Salton voted for Brett. That made the vote 2-2 as it came time for another commercial break.

The Big Brother 20 recap continued with Tyler Crispen ready to vote. Tyler voted for Rachel, Sam Bledsoe voted for Rachel, Faysal Shafaat voted for Brett, JC Mounduix voted for Rachel, and Haleigh Broucher voted for Brett.

By a vote of 5-4, Rachel Swindler was evicted from the Big Brother house. Quite a few people were in shock, including Rachel, as she stormed out the front door. When host Julie Chen began asking Rachel questions, she was too flabbergasted to answer most of them. At the end of her interview, when speaking about the next HOH Competition, Rachel stated: “I hope Level Six doesn’t win.”

Week 6 HOH Competition

The houseguests all had to answer questions about GIFs that had been shown in the BB20 house over the past week. Bayleigh Dayton was not eligible to compete. With each question, those houseguests answering correct would remain, while wrong answers would eliminate them. The last person standing would get crowned as the new Head of Household.

Kaycee was eliminated first. JC was the next person eliminated. Sam was knocked out third. Rockstar, Haleigh, and Angela became the final three after a number of people missed a question. Haleigh was then eliminated, leaving just Rockstar and Angela. It took a tiebreaker question to decide the new HOH. The Week 6 Head of Household is Angela Rummans.

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That brings an end to the August 2 Big Brother 20 recap. Based on how this eviction night went, a lot of Big Brother 20 spoilers could come out over the next 72 hours. More information should come out on the live feeds, beginning with the new HOH nominations on August 3. A new twist is coming, where houseguests will get to “hack the game.” Julie Chen states it will begin on Sunday.