6 things we wished we saw in Nashville Season 6

NASHVILLE -- Photo credit: Mark Levine/CMT -- Acquired via CMT PR
NASHVILLE -- Photo credit: Mark Levine/CMT -- Acquired via CMT PR /
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NASHVILLE — Photo credit: Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR /

It’s been a week since the Nashville Season 6 finale. While it was a beautiful ending, there were a few storylines that felt a little too open. Some characters didn’t get the attention they could have.

Nashville Season 6 certainly ended beautifully. We got a Rayna/Deacon moment and the entire cast and crew took to the stage at the very end to say an emotional goodbye. But not all characters in the season had the focus they could have probably done with. A lot of questions were left unanswered.

Considering there were so many characters and so few episodes to wrap up the storylines the first half of the season set up, this isn’t that surprising. However, maybe we could have had one storyline per episode–dedicating a full episode to what each of the main characters did. It would have been difficult to show the timelines in each of the episodes, but doable with good direction.

Here are six things I would have loved to have seen in Nashville Season 6.

Nashville Season 6B premiere
Nashville — Pick Yourself Up — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press /

6. Seeing Will’s recovery more

There was a lot of hope for Will’s storyline in the first half of the season. This was something I’d hoped to see in the sixth season, considering he’d been left out so much in previous ones. However, it wasn’t quite rounded out enough.

There were hints of him not following doctor’s orders or even dealing with depression and other mental health issues after finding out he’d need to end his tour. Those storylines never materialized. Instead, we saw him, Gunner, and Avery back on tour anyway. Couldn’t we have got some sort of glimpse of that storyline?

Also, what about the fight to be a gay country music artist? That storyline just disappeared.