What’s going on with Robin Hood 2018?

ROBIN HOOD: Credit: Lionsgate -- Acquired via EPK.TV
ROBIN HOOD: Credit: Lionsgate -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

Of all the upcoming prospective tentpoles, the existence of a new Robin Hood movie puzzles me the most.

The pre-release info on Robin Hood was scarce. Pre-release pictures like ones in this article made me more confused. On one hand, the Sheriff of Nottingham’s inner vest and overcoat combo looked like tailoring that only happens after the invention of steam power.

Also, his henchmen in the background are holding crossbow guns that look way more machine-tooled than actual crossbows from the era. Their armor also has helmets that look nothing like helmets from England during the rough time. Yet in other pictures, Robin Hood is clearly still using his signature bow and arrow.

So was this a steampunk version of Robin Hood? Is it set YA style future dystopia? What was going on?

ROBIN HOOD: Credit: Lionsgate — Acquired via EPK.TV
ROBIN HOOD: Credit: Lionsgate — Acquired via EPK.TV /

Well, now the first trailer has been released, and along with it an official synopsis. We have answers. It’s going to be a grim and gritty version of Robin Hood. (Like Hood 2010 and Prince of Thieves). It’s going to be set in medieval England where the bad guys are going to have machine-tooled weaponry to look cool.

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The trailer hints that the movie will add new wrinkles to the Robin Hood mythos. Little John will apparently now train Robin Hood how to be a thief (interesting). Maid Marion is going to be a total cheerleader for Robin Hood (shades of The Hunger Games). Robin is going to cover the bottom of his face with a mask (trying to be cool).

I’ve always loved Robin Hood as a hero. I convinced a University class group that we should compare different versions of the Robin Hood story. A good, new Robin Hood movie being successful for the first time in two decades would make me happy. The trailer was better than I expected. I’m sold on Taron Egerton as Robin, and I think Jamie Foxx will be a good, non-traditional Little John.

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I’m just concerned that the movie is going to suffer a similar fate as recent attempts to make King Arthur hip for the kids again. I think the November 21st American release date allows it a fighting chance. Even then, Robin is going against an animated sequel, Disney’s attempt to make a film out of the Nutcracker, and an animation/live action hybred. We’ll see how successful this strategy is.

What do you think of the new Robin Hood movie? Will you give it a chance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.