Wynonna Earp recap: Season 3, episode 3, Colder Weather

WYNONNA EARP -- "When You Call My Name" -- Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 3, Inc./SYFY -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
WYNONNA EARP -- "When You Call My Name" -- Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 3, Inc./SYFY -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Wynonna Earp says good-bye to a fan favorite in an emotional episode.

A beloved character dying is only half of the battle, the more difficult part is reconciling with it. The latest episode of Wynonna Earp, “Colder Weather,” picks up directly from where it last left us — everyone reeling with the sudden and unexpected death of Dolls after the team came under attack from one of Bulshar’s minions.

Everyone finds themselves in different levels of grief as the episode starts. Wynonna is the most emotional about the ordeal, getting drunk in the woods and demanding that Bulshar attack her with Waverly and Nicole.

Soon enough, it becomes clear that, since they were Doll’s chosen family, preparations need to be made for Dolls’ funeral and how to go about it. Waverly and Nicole meet with the funeral director to look at casket options. This brings them to a discussion of what they want done with their bodies after they die.

Nicole wants to be put in a casket high up in the trees, be eaten by vultures, and get pooped out over the forest, as one does. Waverly is planning on being buried along with her dad and her sister, Willa, but is informed that there isn’t a spot for her.

For the time being, they decide that they should hold a wake in Dolls’ honor. Doc heads off to Shorty’s to make sure there’s a sufficient amount of liquor for everyone and Waverly sets to make a feast of finger sandwiches.

First, Waverly and Nicole have to go to Dolls’ hotel room to pack up his stuff, which isn’t a lot, and finds a letter from him to Wynonna. On their way out, someone comes up and steals Waverly’s purse, which has Dolls’ letter in it, and she recognizes her as Contessa.

At Shorty’s, Doc finds that someone has broken into the basement, but only seems to have stolen banana liqueur. Back up top, he finds a mystery man in the bar and they both draw on each other. The man is Ramon Quinn and he was part of Dolls’ old squad at Black Badge and has come to pay his respects.

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Meanwhile, Wynonna hears that Jeremy is going to perform an autopsy on Dolls and heads to the station to put a stop to it. When she gets there, Jeremy assures her that he doesn’t need to cut Dolls open because he already knows how he died. It was a foregone conclusion and was only a matter of time. The only reason he didn’t say anything is because Dolls made him promise not to. Furious, Wynonna demands that Jeremy pack up and leave town.

At the wake, Wynonna is introduced to Quinn and allows him to stay only for the wake and then he has to leave. Everyone makes a toast to Dolls and proceeds to drink thoroughly. Waverly tells Doc about the theft and they both leave to confront Contessa.

While they’re gone, Jeremy realizes that someone stole Dolls’ old serums and the bar is promptly attacked by a group of superpowered revenants. When the dust clears, Quinn realizes that Jeremy is here and recognizes him as a Black Badge scientist. Wynonna informs him that Jeremy was in charge of keeping Dolls alive. Jeremy bows out and returns to the station to pack up.

Nicole and Wynonna have a heart-to-heart and Nicole convinces her to keep Jeremy here, even though they both agree that Wynonna would much rather be angry right now. She goes to the station and finds Jeremy tied to a chair and being stapled by Quinn. He wants retribution for what happened to his friends and himself by Black Badge, but Wynonna talks him down into hunting Black Badge down in another way.

At the Gardner house, Waverly and Doc find Contessa dealing a deck of tarot cards and Waverly gets her purse back. Contessa only did it to get her old husband’s attention.

At the morgue, Wynonna finds Jeremy keeping watch over Dolls’ corpse. They wish that they wouldn’t have to do anything with him, but they can’t let his body become Black Badge property again.

They cremate Dolls and put his ashes in a mini-casket and bury it on the homestead. Each of them sets something of sentimental value in the ground with him. Waverly puts a scarf in; Nicole puts his badge in and salutes him; Doc sets a bottle of Shorty’s whiskey in; Jeremy sets his mug down; and Wynonna hangs her necklace on the headstone.

Afterwards, Wynonna and Waverly are drinking around a campfire and discussing life. Waverly informs her that she doesn’t have a spot in the cemetery. Wynonna counters and says they’ll be buried on the homestead in eighty or ninety years. Finally, Waverly gives her Dolls’ letter. In it is not a letter at all but a photo of them at dinner.

To Wynonna, it says something very clear: Keep going.

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