Sharp Objects episode 5 recap: Wind Gap celebrates Calhoun Day

Episode 5, debut 8/5/18: Chris Messina, Amy Anne Marie Fox/HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations site.
Episode 5, debut 8/5/18: Chris Messina, Amy Anne Marie Fox/HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations site. /

This week on Sharp Objects, tensions rose to a boil during Wind Gap’s annual Calhoun Day celebration.

The episode “Closer” begins with Wind Gap setting up for its annual Calhoun Day, which Adora is hosting. As the town gets ready, Curry tells Camille her latest article on the murders is very popular. He congratulates her. Willis goes to the barbershop and sees Vickery there. Vickery is not happy about Camille’s latest article. He warns Willis about her.

At the house, Camille runs lines with Amma for the Calhoun Day play. Adora tells Camille she is not going to the celebration dressed in jeans. Camille asks Amma about Natalie and Ann. Amma says they were friends in seventh grade but stopped talking to each other long before the murders.

Adora takes Camille and Amma to a clothing store. Amma tells Adora about Camille’s article. A store saleswoman picks out sleeveless dresses for Camille to try on. Afraid of showing her scars, Camille asks for a long-sleeved one.

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In the dressing room, Camille cannot find her original clothes and is forced to reveal her scars to Amma and Adora. Amy Adams’ acting was absolutely brilliant in this scene. She perfectly portrayed what it is like to cope with mental illness around people who are ignorant of it.

Back at the house, Camille packs her bags. Amma comes in and apologizes for telling Adora about the article. She asks Camille to stay and offers her a long-sleeved dress to wear for the celebration.

During the celebration, Jackie and her friends gossip about Adora (it’s what she deserves). On the phone, Curry offers Camille to come home. She is tempted, but refuses.

At the party, Bob Nash confronts Willis about the case. He tells him John Keene should be arrested. Moments later, Ashley confronts Camille because she did not include John’s interview in the article. It is this moment that truly reveals just how terrible Ashley is as well. She exploits John’s pain for her own possible chance at fame.

Camille explains to Willis the sordid history behind Calhoun Day as Adora watches from afar. After Camille leaves Willis, Adora approaches and gives him a tour of her home. During the tour, she tells Willis Camille is delicate after her sister’s death.

Sharp Objects
Episode 5, debut 8/5/18: Patricia Clarkson, Eliza Scanlen, Amy Anne Marie Fox/HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations site. /

Camille comes across the play director, Kirk. It is revealed he was one of the boys who chased her in the woods when she was younger.

Later, as the play is performed, Camille asks Willis what Adora said about her. At the end of the performance, Bob Nash attacks John and makes a scene. Amma runs off the stage and away. As the town looks for her, Camille finds her seemingly upset in the abandoned shack.

That evening Adora asks Camille to speak to her on the veranda. She confesses that she never loved Camille. Upset by her mother’s spiteful words, Camille goes to Willis’ motel room and they make love with the lights turned off and her shirt on, so he does not see her scars.

After a few slow, somewhat disappointing episodes, “Closer” was a much needed change of pace. The tensions that have been slowly building throughout the series are starting to come to a head. It is fascinating to watch.

Sharp Objects also provided a clever commentary on the town of Wind Gap this episode. Through the celebration of Calhoun Day, we see just how messed up the town really is. What kind of town celebrates the brutal rape of a child bride?

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“Closer” was also an excellent display of the three leading ladies’ acting talents. If Adams, Clarkson, and Scanlen don’t get Emmy nominations next year, I will have some words for the Academy.

Sharp Objects airs Sunday nights on HBO.