The Bachelorette Finale: Does Becca choose Blake or Garrett?

THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 1410" - Season Finale - After surviving shocking twists and turns, and a journey filled with laughter, tears, love and controversy, Becca heads to the Maldives with her final two bachelors: Blake and Garrett. She can envision a future with both men, but time is running out. Then later, Becca will be in studio with Blake and Garrett to discuss the stunning outcome and the heartwrenching decisions that changed all of their lives forever, on "The Bachelorette: The Three-Hour Live Finale," airing MONDAY, AUG. 6 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Paul Hebert)BECCA KUFRIN
THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 1410" - Season Finale - After surviving shocking twists and turns, and a journey filled with laughter, tears, love and controversy, Becca heads to the Maldives with her final two bachelors: Blake and Garrett. She can envision a future with both men, but time is running out. Then later, Becca will be in studio with Blake and Garrett to discuss the stunning outcome and the heartwrenching decisions that changed all of their lives forever, on "The Bachelorette: The Three-Hour Live Finale," airing MONDAY, AUG. 6 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Paul Hebert)BECCA KUFRIN /

On The Bachelorette Season 14 finale, Garrett and Blake meet Becca’s family. Becca goes on final dates with each of the men. One man proposes.

Becca and her final two men are in the Maldives. Becca is in love with Both Blake and Garrett, but neither men know how she feels. Becca wants to wait and save “I love you” to the man she chooses. Also on the island is Becca’s family, who are ready to meet Becca’s two guys. She’s hoping her family can help her get some clarity because this race is a tight one!

Garrett steps into the lion’s den first. Becca does have concerns about Garrett’s previous marriage. She’s worried he might cut and run. Becca’s mom is worried since her daughter was all lovey-dovey when she brought Arie home, and look how that turned out.

Mom wants to know what’s different this time around. Becca responds she can be herself around Garrett. This raises the question that if she didn’t feel that way about Arie, why did she accept his proposal?

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Becca’s Uncle Chuck grills Garrett about his marriage. More specifically, why it fell apart after just two months. Garrett explains that his ex had a blow up with his family around the time he popped the question, and she never made much effort with his family after that incident.

Chuck questions what happens when things get tough, and Garrett breaks down when he talks about his own family’s health struggles and losses. He’s had to be strong, and he knows he’d be present and strong for Becca.

Garrett has a hard time keeping his emotions in check because he balls like a baby when talking to Becca’s sister, Emily, about undying devotion. Becca loves that Garrett continues to open up not just to her, but to her family as well.

Becca’s been in love with Blake for a while, and she can’t wait for him to meet her family. She knows they’re going to see how incredible he is which won’t help her come any closer to reaching a decision.

Blake’s really excited and really nervous. We know this because he’s a bit manic and repeats it over and over a few times. Blake admits to Emily that he’s been dealing with some insecurities, knowing Becca had/has strong feelings for other guys.

Emily thinks Garrett would make a great father, and she loves his silliness. She believes Blake, who admits he’s always been attracted to strong independent women, would challenge Becca more than Garrett. Becca tells Emily she’s had feeling for Blake from the start and thought he’d be the one at the end. But the more she got to know Garrett, the picture in her head became less clear. She does think Garrett would be a bigger risk.

Things go south for Garrett when Becca’s mom tells him that no matter who Becca chooses, Blake will be fine (red flag!! red flag!!). Garrett’s name keeps coming up which frustrates Blake.

Garrett gets a gut feeling that something is off. He worries the speedy connection between him and Becca is working against him.

Becca’s father, Steve, is definitely on her mind, and she asks her mom what he might think of these guys. She responds he would just want Becca to be happy, and he would approve of both men.

Becca’s mom does make an interesting comment about Becca picking someone who shares her views. Garrett’s social media activity indicates this will be a mixed marriage — When Liberal Met MAGA.

Becca and Garrett go on their last day date. They go on a boat ride and take a swim along the equator (we get it, 50-50). Rebecca’s actually happy she didn’t fall for Garrett right away because she’s enjoyed how things have unfolded.

The nighttime portion of the date is used to ruminate about how great the day was. It’s also when things generally get very emotional. Garrett is looking at the bigger picture, and he sees them grocery shopping, and Becca all barefoot and pregnant. Life with Garrett promises to be full of fishing, minivans, Chris Farley impersonations and racist memes.

One down, one to go. Becca still can’t see herself saying goodbye to either guy right now.

Becca hopes her date with Blake will push her towards one over the other. Blake realizes he might have been a little too much in his head during his time with Becca’s family. He knows Becca’s feelings haven’t changed.

Becca and Blake go on a bike ride and take a romantic dip. Things do get a bit more serious as Blake and Becca discuss how heavily this final decision is weighing on her. It’s important for her to be forthcoming, so she doesn’t hold back that all of these final moments are integral to her decision. She’s determined to do what’s best for her and for the guys.

Blake has a surprise for Becca during their evening together. He created a time capsule of items to remind her of their time together. Becca’s got nothing but rave reviews for Blake, and she has no doubt he would be her equal partner in every way. He’s a man who means what he says and stands by it.

Becca’s finally getting some clarity. She can see Blake in front of her professing his love, and her saying it back.

Chris Harrison really sells this breakup as the toughest in Bachelorette history. He’s practically giddy with anticipation. Garrett and Blake both pick out engagement rings for Becca.

As Becca prepares to shred one poor sucker’s heart on The Bachelorette, she discusses how she’s found a love that “fits her soul.” She’s happy she pushed through to find what she’s always wanted. Not only has she found her partner, she’s found herself.

Becca’s got just one more goodbye before she can share her feelings with the man she loves. Becca feels like a monster because she knows the man she doesn’t choose is going to feel blindsided. That poor sucker is Blake. Yup, Becca’s fairytale ending on The Bachelorette includes a racist.

It’s really horrible that Blake gives this moving speech, and he’s so hopeful right before getting dumped. They can’t even leave the man with some of his dignity.

Becca explains there is just one piece with someone else who she’s not ready to say goodbye to.

Blake tells Becca he thinks she’s making a mistake, and nobody else can make her as happy as he can. As it sinks in, Blake gets progressively more upset. He questions how he could have been so wrong. Becca assures him she was right there with him. She never wants Blake to doubt himself. Becca admits she saw him as the one for so long, and Blake wants to know what changed. Becca can’t say that anything changed. It just came down to who was the best fit.

Blake tells Becca he loves her, says goodbye and leaves. Becca remains pretty stoic throughout the whole exchange — a bit cold even. Chris Harrison oversold this breakup big time.

After it’s all done, Becca’s a bit teary, and Blake cries into a towel. To make things even worse, he imagines how thrilled Becca is going to be when Garrett proposes. It looks like Blake is poised to be Ben Higgins 2.0.

Before Becca and the live studio audience get to witness the big moment, Chris Harrison sits down with Blake. So, how does it feel to have your heart stomped on, Blake? Uh, not good. Chris wonders if the problem was things were too easy, and Blake shares his only red flag was that they had no red flags.

Is Blake still in love with Becca? Blake says he’ll always have love for Becca because she’s a big part of who he is, and who he’ll be moving forward. Blake hopes she’s found the happiness she’s been looking for.

It’s been hard for Blake to not reach out to Becca, who he hasn’t seen since his rejected proposal, but he’s got no “real” (yes, I caught that) hard feelings.

Becca and Blake reunite. Blake tells Becca he watched the season to get some answers about the relationship, but he wants to know if there was one particular moment that made the difference.

Becca says there wasn’t a moment that triggered her decision. She just evaluated both relationships to determine which one was going to be the best. Blake was always so open and present and solid, but she worried about how in his head he could be at times. This made her wonder how he might handle a crisis.

Becca is confident Blake will find someone, and she never wants him to question his worth. She never wanted to hurt anyone. Blake feels lucky and fortunate that Becca was the Bachelorette. After tying up loose ends with Blake at the live finale, it’s time to watch Becca give away her final rose.

The First Impression Rose guy triumphs again!! Becca tells Garrett how much she loves him, and how much she’s been waiting and wanting to say it. Garrett drops down on one knee and pops the questions. Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes (I added that bit).

Becca and Garrett come out (don’t say that in front of Garrett), making their first public appearance. Chris asks when Becca knew it was Garrett. She reveals it was right after the hometown visit when she caught herself crying into a quesadilla. For Garrett, it was a combo of Becca meeting his family, and their rafting date in Thailand.

There’s a lot of chatter about how much Garrett reminds Becca of her father. I try not to think this whole relationship could be rooted in Becca’s loss of her dad.

The live finale may be the couple’s first public appearance, but they’ve been seeing each other in secret for several months. Viewers get a look at Garrett and Becca spending quality time at some little hideaway.

It’s hard not to remember this same footage with Becca and Arie, but the outcome is entirely different.

Garrett addresses the social media elephant in the room. He says he didn’t realize the ramifications of liking something on Instagram or Twitter. He didn’t mean to offend anyone, he’s still sorry. Garrett’s trying to be a better person on a daily basis. Becca’s been by his side through the whole thing.

When this all came to light, they attacked it. Garrett acknowledges when he was liking things, it was going against what Becca stands for. That made it hard on them as a couple, but they’re growing, progressing and moving forwards.

This is all just verbal diarrhea. Some publicist had Garrett memorize all this, and he regurgitates it right back out. I don’t buy it, and I’m sorry Becca does.

Becca doesn’t condone his behavior, but Garrett recognizes he was wrong and wants to learn and grow from it. Becca says that’s all we can ask of people. No, we can ask them not to be stupid in the first place. And is she educating his entire family? All of his friends? These people tend to travel in packs.

Garrett and Becca are planning to move in together but aren’t sure where yet — Minnesota, Nevada, and California are all in the mix. No definitive wedding plans are in the works. Another place the couple are headed is Thailand because ABC gives them an all-expense paid trip. I smell a honeymoon…

Chris has another gift of the couple — a hideously ugly minivan.

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