Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from August 8 episode include the POV results

Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from August 8 episode include the POV results. (Angela Rummans Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from August 8 episode include the POV results. (Angela Rummans Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 recap time arrived again on August 8. The new episode of the show aired on Wednesday night, with the focus on how the Power of Veto Competition turned out and if the winner ended up using that power.

In the “previously on Big Brother” segment to open the August 8 Big Brother 20 episode, Angela Rummans took power and wanted to target Bayleigh Dayton. She told Bayleigh that she was safe, though,  and ended up going with Rockstar and Scottie Salton at the Nomination Ceremony. Then, the Hacker Competition took place, where Haleigh Broucher won the power to shift the nominees. Haleigh saved Scottie and put up Tyler Crispen in his place. She also kept her power a secret.

Diary Room sessions begin

Tyler had the first Diary Room session, where he declared revenge on the Hacker. Haleigh then stated that it was time to go after Tyler, which is why she nominated him. Angela was a tad frustrated that her power had been taken away so quickly. Scottie stated that he wasn’t sure why he was saved, fearing that he might get backdoored.

Angela’s new Big Brother 20 plan

After Scottie was saved, Angela met with the Level Six alliance to set up a plan for the Power of Veto Competition. She really wanted to figure out a way to backdoor Bayleigh, so she needed someone from her alliance to win the challenge. They then set about trying to make sure that Bayleigh felt safe and that she would pick someone from their Level Six alliance to try to help her win the Veto Competition.

Picking players for the Veto Competition

Kaycee Clark was chosen by the Hacker to compete. It appeared that Angela’s plan had worked. Joining Angela, Kaycee, Rockstar, and Tyler Crispen in the Veto Competition were Brett Robinson and Scottie. How would the plan of Bayleigh and Haleigh work with having Kaycee playing for the Power of Veto instead of someone from their alliance?

Big Brother 20 Week 6 Veto Competition

This was the reward and punishment Veto Competition. The houseguests competed in a challenge in the backyard and each time someone got eliminated, they had to choose a gift from former houseguest Jessie Godderz. Each time someone got a gift, they would also have the opportunity to trade it for any of the other gifts. This meant that the Power of Veto necklace might change hands a few different times. The gifts would include rewards and punishments.

The competition was a familiar one, as the houseguests had to roll a ball from one side of a contraption to the other side. Each round consisted of reaching a certain number of rolls. The last place person in each round was eliminated.

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Rockstar was the first one eliminated. She drew the Golden Power of Veto as her prize. Angela was out second and she won a meal plan constructed by Jessie. She traded it for the Power of Veto. Kaycee was out third and she kept a prize that was a trip to Hawaii. Brett was the fourth one out and he won the Health Nut mascot costumer. He traded it to Kaycee for the Hawaii trip. It was down to Tyler and Scottie to see who would win the Veto Competition.

Tyler ended up winning the challenge. This meant Scottie had to pick the next gift. He selected a $5,000 prize. He said he wanted the Power of Veto, and Angela tried to make a deal with him, swearing he would be safe this week. She promised he wouldn’t go up on the block and he decided to keep the money. Tyler received a 24-hour punishment of taking care of Jessie’s nana. He traded it for Brett’s trip.

This all meant that Angela Rummans won the Power of Veto. While some of this information came out in Big Brother 20 spoilers from the live feeds, seeing how it all played out was definitely interesting. So many people passed up the safety in this particular Veto Competition.

Veto Ceremony time

At the Week 6 Veto Ceremony, Angela Rummans took full advantage of possessing the Power of Veto. Angela saved Tyler from the block. Then, Angela placed Bayleigh Dayton on the block. At this point, Tyler and Angela were very convinced that Bayleigh was the Hacker, but fans know that it was Haleigh this week.

At the August 9 Eviction Ceremony, the BB20 cast will decide to evict Rockstar or Bayleigh Dayton.

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That brings an end to the August 8 Big Brother 20 recap. The next episode of the show is on Thursday night (August 9), when the first member of the BB20 jury is decided.