5 Most absurd moments in The Meg

The Meg, photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures via WB Media Pass
The Meg, photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures via WB Media Pass /

The Meg is in theaters tonight. It’s a ridiculously silly movie with 5 absurd moments that highlight the film.

The movie follows a group of scientists who discover a 75-foot Megalodon, a prehistoric monster-size shark believed to be extinct. Critics can’t seem to agree on The Meg, with a current score of 50% at Rotten Tomatoes. Even if you’re a fan of shark movies, going off the reviews so far, you’ll either love The Meg or hate it.

Hidden Remote caught an early screening of the movie earlier this week. Do we recommend it? It depends. Unlike other most shark movies, The Meg has very little chomping and a whole lot of talking. This brings us to one of the most absurd things about the movie, its runtime. But before reading further, please note light spoilers are ahead. Return once you’ve seen the movie in theaters if you don’t wish to know anything about The Meg

The runtime

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The Meg is a ridiculous 114 minutes long. That’s only six minutes away from a 2-hour runtime! Had it been action-packed or featured more intense moments, the two hours would make sense, but it doesn’t.

The movie could have definitely cut a few unnecessary scenes and either made the movie shorter or added a little more chomping action.

No romantic chemistry

Jason Statham’s plays Jonas, a deep-sea diver who has retired after a rescue mission goes wrong. He’s forced to go back into action, however, when his friends find themselves trapped at the bottom of the deepest part of the Pacific. Jason has awesome chemistry with everyone in the crew, except actress Li Bingbing, who portrays his love interest, Suyin.

Their scenes together are laughable and awkward. A romantic relationship is more believable with Jaxx (Ruby Rose) or even Jonas’ ex-wife Jessica McNamee (Celeste).

The Meg
The Meg, photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures via WB Media Pass /

Who’s watching the girl?

I hate to be that person but, not only is Suyin not a very good love interest, she’s also a pretty bad mom. I can understand having her daughter, Meiying, around at work, but who’s watching her when Suyin is busy? Later, she brings the 8-year-old along for the boat ride to hunt the Megalodon.

They’re on their own

It’s hard to believe no one else has detected the Megalodon. Other than the screaming victims at the beach the Megalodon swims to and a wedding party, no one knows there’s a monster in the waters. Really? And when they try to get help from authorities, one of the characters says they didn’t believe them, that everyone thinks it’s a joke. Right.

The Meg, box office
The Meg, photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures via WB Media Pass /

Riding a Megalodon

Jason Statham takes on a Megadolon, and rides it, coming out victorious. It’s not really a spoiler to say Statham wins, it’s pretty predictable. To be fair, these scenes are more silly-fun than bad. The Meg obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously, it knows it’s being ridiculous and they’re having fun with it. It’s entertaining to see the actor battle a shark. So while it’s absurd, it’s also Statham is the only cool thing about the movie.

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The Meg is in theaters tonight, Thursday, August 9.