Big Brother 20 spoilers: Level Six talks badly about Sam, she hears it

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Level Six talks badly about Sam, she hears it. (Sam Bledsoe Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Level Six talks badly about Sam, she hears it. (Sam Bledsoe Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers from the overnight live feeds indicate that Sam Bledsoe may know how the Level Six alliance feels about her now. While they were badmouthing her in the HOH Room (again), she heard a bit of the conversation down in the kitchen.

The live feeds certainly got interesting in the early morning hours for Tuesday (August 28). While the four members of the Level Six alliance continued badmouthing Sam Bledsoe in the Head of Household Room, she was apparently able to hear most of it through the intercom. There is some debate about the information on social media, but these Big Brother 20 spoilers could definitely affect the game moving forward.

What happened in HOH Room?

Kaycee Clark, Tyler Austin, Brett Robinson, and Angela Rummans were in the Head of Household Room and they were talking badly about Sam Bledsoe. It included making fun of how long she spends in the shower, that they felt she had a crush on Tyler, Tyler saying Sam was mean to Brett because she liked him, and several of them even used the word “crazy” when describing her and the situation.

It didn’t end there, though, as Brett called her mean, Kaycee called it bipolar, and Tyler said she “can’t handle this environment.” When Kaycee went downstairs a bit later, she discovered that she could hear the HOH Room (from the kitchen) through the monitors. JC Mounduix confirmed this as well.

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Will these Big Brother 20 spoilers have an impact?

It has been confirmed on social media that Sam heard the conversation in the HOH Room. It was called an “audio link glitch” and a “major technical error.” This could lead to some drama in the BB20 house when people start stirring on Tuesday. The cameras from the HOH Room that had been on the live feeds all shifted to Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher having a conversation in the backyard, shortly after Level Six discovered what had taken place.

It appears that Sam is pretty upset about what took place in the HOH Room, but she hasn’t really addressed them on camera about it. There were times where the live feeds were turned off overnight and other times where the cameras were only focused on Faysal and Haleigh. It leaves a lot up in the air and has caused a lot of debate among fans about what took place here. It all took place shortly after midnight (PT) on the live feeds for fans who want to go back and view it.

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The CBS live feeds could get quite interesting on Tuesday if Sam decides to address the members of the Level Six alliance about what took place. There are some subscribers who feel it could lead to a self-eviction from Sam, but would she give them that satisfaction? It seems that what might have been a dull week could have more Big Brother 20 spoilers after all. Don’t forget that the Big Brother Battle Back Competition is also coming up as well.