Why you should be watching The Outpost on The CW

The Outpost -- "The Mistress and the Worm" -- Photo: NBCU International -- Acquired via CW TV PR
The Outpost -- "The Mistress and the Worm" -- Photo: NBCU International -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

For anyone who has been looking for a new show to watch, look no further than The Outpost. The high adventure-fantasy show is the perfect way to end the summer, and it’s just good fun!

The Outpost centers on a female protagonist, Talon (played by Jessica Green), who is the last of a people known as Blackbloods. As the name suggests, their blood is indeed black and they have pointed ears and the power to control demons from another dimension called Lu-Qiri.

As many heroes before her, Talon is on a quest to avenge the deaths of her family and her people. Along the way she ends up at The Outpost where she meets a host of characters that have all quickly become fan favorites; from the handsome soldier Garret Spears to the secretive Lady Gwynn and the quirky ale brewer Janzo. The dynamics between them are instantly fascinating, endearing, and they all share good on-screen chemistry.

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The show has a bit of everything; a tough heroine, some fantasy elements, battles, a little romance, humor, and of course an attractive cast. So there’s sure to be a little something for everybody to enjoy. There’s also plenty of deceit and secrets to go around in The Outpost and not everybody may be who and what they seem so it will keep viewers on their toes.

The show fills a void for fantasy television and it’s a shame there aren’t more shows of this genre currently airing. There is a market for fantasy and adventure shows if networks would only capitalize on it. Intense thought-provoking dramas are great but sometimes it’s nice to have a show with people riding around on horses swinging swords and some magic and monsters. The Outpost certainly provides that in spades.

Viewers who enjoyed shows like The Shannara Chronicles and Legend of the Seeker will surely enjoy The Outpost as well. It has all the makings of a wonderful fantasy show if allowed to continue and find its footing. It has a fierce warrior female lead, magic and demons, swordplay and horses, and ancient prophecies. What could be better? There is also a nice friendship developing between the two main female characters and the female protagonist has become the chosen protector of several characters which is refreshing to see.

Unfortunately, fantasy genre shows often struggle to go past two seasons, partly due to the high cost to produce such shows, but the more successful a show can prove to be then the greater chance networks will invest in similar shows in the future. Therefore, if The Outpost can show that there is a market for a show like this then it bodes well for the chances of more fantasy-adventure shows in the future.

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The Outpost is currently halfway through it’s first season so there’s still time to catch up. The pilot is a little rough but stick with it and it gets better as it goes. New episodes air on Tuesdays at 9/8 central on the CW.