Ancient Aliens: Area 52 is a bigger concern than Area 51


Forget about Area 51. That’s old news. A joke. The newer, hipper secret facility is Area 52, and Ancient Aliens has the scoop.

Area 51 is so old and well known that it’s the butt of jokes on movies like Independence Day. People with dial-up know about Area 51. Virtually everyone knows of the “secret” facility. What if, however, as Ancient Aliens suggests, Area 51 were just a coverup for a bigger, experimental extraterrestrial facility?

To make the conspiracy even deeper, what if there were multiple Area 52 facilities? Is there a massive secondary covert operation being obscured by the now not-so-top-secret Area 51?

Area 51 is confirmed.

People who live near Area 51 have reported all sorts of oddities and extraterrestrial tech for decades. There’s no denying something is going on there. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the CIA declassified documents that acknowledged Area 51 in 2013. Located in Southern Nevada, this top secret facility has been the location where revolutionary technology is developed. The military and government, however, have not provided much other than saying the facility is there. No word on the function of the facility.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos went to meet with a former employee of Area 51 to get more information. According to TD Barnes, a radar and electronics employee for over four decades at Area 51, there is a considerable amount of evidence related to extraterrestrials. There is extensive reverse engineering of top secret craft, with everything from antimatter propulsion and warp drive on the agenda. At one point in the 1980s, they even developed an antiquated bunker-busting tech called “Rods from God.” For all intents and purposes, it was a secret space program.

Hiding decades of alien contact evidence, Area 51 may have outlived its purpose as a strategic military asset. If that’s the case, is it just a decoy?

Tunnels and trains in the Nevada Desert

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Tsoukalos took another trip to Rachel, Nevada in 2018. He met with a researcher and a lifelong mining expert. The miner said he’s seen various shady activities, and believes heap mining is being used at Tempiute Mine to hide massive amounts of dirt being removed during the creation of underground facilities. Furthermore, that may be just the tip of the underground iceberg. It’s likely one of many secret government facilities connected by underground high speed trains including the following locations:

  • Cheyenne mountains in Colorado Springs
  • Dulce, NM – Archuleta Peak is where UFOs have been sighted
  • Los Alamos, NM
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Roswell, NM
  • Area 51, NV

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

On the doorstep of where Orville and Wilbur Wright defied reality, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base serves as one of the most high techs locations in the military. Indeed, it may hold greater strategic importance than Area 51. Furthermore, there have been rumors of aliens at Wright-Pat for a long time, and some underground as well.

Going as far back as the 1947 Roswell crash, the location has been involved with news of UFOs. Wright-Patterson was the home of the Foreign Technology Division, which conducted Project Sign and Project Blue Book. The most famous UFO and foreign technology program, Project Blue Book tracked over 12,000 sightings. Most were categorized as high altitude air planes, but over 700 cases still remain.

Additionally, a former employee named LTC Marion Magruder worked at infamous Hangar 18, and saw quite a bit during his 38 years there. The first day he arrived in 1973 he was told there were aliens.

Montauk Air Force Station

Decommisioned in 1981, the Montauk Air Force Station is widely believed to be a cover for an underground facility. Multiple whistle-blowers say a secret facility under the base is still onging, and the entry is from far away at the Brookhaven National Laboratories. Furthermore, the facility is notorious for experiments using other-worldly technology and human test subjects in what’s commonly called the Montauk Project.

Declassified documents reference something called MKUltra, a program run by the Army and CIA to develop mind control and remote influence abilities. To that end, something called the Montauk Chair, harnessing ET technology & innate psychic abilities, was used to transform reality, to manifest thought into physical reality (telekinesis, remote viewing, teleportation). It’s compared to the Throne of Ptah, who was the god before all other gods in Egyptian mythology. Is the Montauk Chair the same as the Throne of Ptah?

Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program

AATIP and Bigelow Aerospace has been discussed before, and it’s compelling evidence. AATIP allows exception to FOIA requests, allowing the government to be even more covert. Combined with all of the aforementioned, it paints a picture of massive government cover-up.

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There you have it. Ancient Aliens proposes a massive government cover-up of alien technology, and it’s all being done under our feet. Do you believe there are secret facilities being obscured by the attention given to Area 51?

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