Hard to Kill finale exclusive sneak peek: Finding a body after an avalanche

Tim Kennedy suits up for an avalanche control mission. Image courtesy of Discovery Channel
Tim Kennedy suits up for an avalanche control mission. Image courtesy of Discovery Channel /

Tim Kennedy heads off to the Rocky Mountains in the Hard to Kill season finale. He learns just how hard it is to find people after an avalanche in the area.

How hard do you think it would be to find bodies after an avalanche in the Rocky Mountains? If they don’t have beacons, you’re not going to find everyone. However, Tim Kennedy learns that it’s extremely difficult to find them even with beacons in the Hard to Kill season finale.

In this exclusive sneak peek of the episode, Tim meets with Aaron Brill from Avalanche Control and Rescue. Beacons are already buried to give the appearance of two people buried after an avalanche and Tim is given a two-minute challenge to find where those two beacons are.

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The first one is relatively easy. It becomes much harder when finding the second one thanks to mixed signals. However, that’s not all Tim has to do. He’ll then need to uncover where the beacons are, using the best tools for the job.

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This isn’t just an extremely useful look at survival outside, but also a look at the everyday work that avalanche rescue teams go through. The sneak peek is just one look at what’s to come, as Tim will also learn what it takes to remain calm after being buried under a foot or more of snow during an avalance.

Tensions certainly run high tonight, but it’s one of the most useful episodes you’ll get to watch, especially if you live in the Rockies or similar locations. It’s also excellent information to know if you play to go skiing or on vacation somewhere like this. You just never know what Mother Nature will through at you!

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Are you excited for the Hard to Kill season finale? Would you be able to find the beacon in less than two minutes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Hard to Kill‘s season finale airs tonight on Discovery at 10/9c.