Treasure Quest exclusive clip: What tunnel does the team uncover?

TREASURE QUEST -- Photo credit: Discovery Channel -- Acquired via Discovery PR
TREASURE QUEST -- Photo credit: Discovery Channel -- Acquired via Discovery PR /

Treasure Quest Season 2, Episode 10 offers some good and bad news to the team. Check out just what the team uncovers in the tunnel in this exclusive clip.

With Inca walls and dangerous terrain, the Treasure Quest team knew that looking for the $2 billion worth of treasure was going to be difficult. In this week’s episode, the team finds a tunnel right where they thought it would be. The question is whether they have the right tunnel.

During the exclusive sneak peek of the episode, we get some excellent news and some bad news. The great news is they have definitely found the Jesuit tunnel. All signs point to this being the right place and the manmade tunnel everyone was expecting. At least all the research has pointed them in the right direction.

Does that mean everything else is right? Well, if only they could tell. There’s some bad news when they get into the tunnel. Check out the clip to find out just what that bad news is.

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What will the Treasure Quest team do next? This looks like an impossible situation, right? If they get rid of the rubble, they’ll end up with more rock falling. The whole tunnel will collapse and they put themselves in danger. However, do they really want to walk away empty handed?

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This is one of those episodes that you’ll certainly need to catch to see just what they’re going to do. The episode synopsis hints that they’re going to head into the tunnel and start moving rubble anyway, putting the entire expedition at risk. Check out the synopsis below:

"The team is trapped in an ancient, underground tunnel putting the search at risk. Using just the gear they have on site, the crew rigs a remote-controlled camera that finds the expedition’s most significant treasure"

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What do you think the team should do? What would you do if you were in their position? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Treasure Quest continues on Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.