Ballers Season 4, episode 5 recap: Doink defecates diamonds


Ballers is building momentum this season, and multiple players are making their move. Doink separates Spencer from all others in the game.

So Spencer (Johnson) and Joe (Corddry) have been entrusted to run Anderson Sports Management and their recent Sports X acquisition has been iffy. Will they go all-in, attempt to save their investment, and potentially lose a ton of money? Or will they cut bait?

It seems that everyone else is at a serious turning point as well. Specifically, Ricky (Washington) has to decide if he really wants to un-retire, and Charles Greane (Omar Benson Miller) needs to figure out the direction of his club.

Building Sports X

Spencer walks into DirecTV and is mistaken for Jason Taylor. Despite the misunderstanding, he asks to DTV reps about moving the Sports X channel up into the numbers near the other sports channels. He wants to get out of the nose-bleeds, as he calls them. Their retort is a comical reciting of the polling numbers: 0.001. And when the channel went dark thanks to Lance (Brand), not a single person called them. Spencer has a plan, however, and it involves getting NCAA football on his channel.

Meeting the HS phenom

After the DTV meeting Spencer texts Jayda (Joy Bryant) about meeting her son Q. He makes a quick trip down to the HS football field where Q is less than receptive. In fact, Q basically says his mother is promiscuous and he’s not interested in any offers or advice from Spencer.

Not one to give up after the first quarter, Spencer accepts an invite from Jayda for dinner later that night.

Charles in charge?

Speaking of meetings, Charles has one of his own. He meets with the owner of the Rams, Mr. Thompson (Kevin Durand), who tells him it’s time to make a splash in free agency. Mr. Thompson wants someone with panache. He wants Kisan Teague. Last but not least, he tells Charles to buy a suit. Sounds like a classic Dangerfield line.

Charles calls Julie (Jazmyn Simon) throwing a fit about his predicament. He’s completely neutered as a GM. The consolation prize of course is that Julie is interested in a pep talk and some phone-sex. She starts unbuttoning her blouse and Charles lets his assistant go home early for the night.

Ricky & Kisan

Meanwhile, Ricky Jerret (Washington) and Kisan (Kris Lofton) run into each other at the gym. Kisan hears the Rams are looking for a slot receiver. Ricky doesn’t take this kindly because he just tried out for the Rams and hopes to make the team. This ignites a mini-rivalry between the two, and Jay Glazer serves as the initial judge. Despite support from Terrance Tyrone Darby – we finally know TTD’s real name! – Ricky’s age shows up. Kisan beats Ricky in an agility training ladder test, then battle rope alternating waves, and finally standing box jumps.

Business/Casual Dinner

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Speaking of box jumps, Spencer is more than happy to visit Jayda’s house for dinner. He shows up with candy and flowers. Q is less than pleased, and doubles down on insulting his mother. He says Spencer isn’t the first and won’t be the last. After dinner Jayda steps out of the room, and Spencer makes his pitch.

He saw Q in his $150G car and mentions discretion. It’s a semi-sleazy turn for Spencer, because he doesn’t really care about the criminal nature of Quincy’s actions, or his visit with a high schooler. Intead, he offers Q a part in what could potentially be a billion dollar opportunity (hint: the sports channel). Jayda returns with pie and Q says he never passes up the chance to get a slice of the pie.

Joe Krutel in Hangover Part IV

Joe’s sleeping in his collared shirt, obviously hung over from a serious bender the night before. A call from Jesse wakes him up just enough to remember last night’s activities. Apparently he told a bartender it was “dealer’s choice” (never a good idea) as long as it ends in “uila.” There is a mess of cocaine all over his glass table. At some point he even argues with the valet about getting an uber to his hotel, despite staying at the same hotel. All that’s missing is the chicken or the tiger…or the hot tub.

Consequently, Joe comes into work destroyed, and needs a Bloody Mary before he addresses the remnants of the team. Joe gets financial info from Enid, blows her a ledger kiss, and goes on to give an inspirational speech littered with F-bombs. This is where the episode title comes from, because Joe says they’re tougher because they eat glass and defecate diamonds. Then he pantomimes the process and onomatopoeia with a diamond deuce hitting the floor, “Doink!”

Joe fires two guys who said they should have left with Lance. Joe being Joe.

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There’s a side-theme going on with Joe and Lance. The pair meet, make amends, and Lance offers to buy back his company at 75% on the dollar. Joe says he’ll think about it, which means talk to Spencer. Of course, Spencer has his own ideas, and is ready to not only keep the channel, but take it to the next level when Q is fully on board as an NCAA athlete.

Is Ballers turning Spencer into a shady character who dips his toes into NCAA-violating waters? Will business success hurt his HOF bid?

Ballers airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.