Big Brother 21 rumors: Fans worried show could get canceled

Celebrity Big Brother cast members reportedly quit the show. (Faysal Shafaat with Julie Chen Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Celebrity Big Brother cast members reportedly quit the show. (Faysal Shafaat with Julie Chen Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 21 rumors are all over social media right now. A lot of people are worried that Big Brother could get canceled by CBS due to what has taken place this summer.

The Big Brother 20 ratings took a bit of a dip when football returned, host Julie Chen’s husband is in a lot of hot water with CBS, and the network hasn’t renewed the reality competition show for summer 2019. Those are the three primary reasons that there are so many Big Brother 21 rumors online right now. There are even questions about the future of Julie Chen as the host and whether she might walk away from the show.

The Julie Chen rumors

Julie Chen decided to take some time away from co-hosting The Talk in order to deal with a family situation. Her husband, Leslie Moonves, has been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault by a high number of women. Moonves is now the former chairman and CEO of CBS, parting ways with the network during this controversy.

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While Chen has decided to take some time away from The Talk, CBS has stated that she will be on set for the Thursday night (September 13) taping of Big Brother 20. It’s a Double Eviction episode, so a lot of eyes will be on the program, especially since it is advertised as a live show. That will only be live for East Coast viewers. Whether she will be on set for the September 20 episode has not yet been addressed.

Big Brother 21 rumors

Big Brother is not canceled. The show is definitely still up in the air, though, and it is surprising that there has been no renewal for the summer 2019 season. It’s possibly good news that Celebrity Big Brother 2 has already been announced for this winter. One of the noteworthy points is that Julie Chen would need a new contract to come back. That raises even more questions. Will CBS bring her back if the dark cloud over her husband continues to bring her bad press? Could the show head to a new network with a new host if CBS decides to move in a different direction?

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As of the publishing of this article on September 11, no announcement has come from CBS about the future of the show. It hasn’t helped that a current houseguest (JC Mounduix) has caused even more bad press due to his own behavior in the BB20 house. On the other side of that coin, it certainly doesn’t hurt that thousands of fans are using the hashtag SaveBBUSA on Twitter. Stay tuned, as Inside the BB House will pass on any further information about these Big Brother 21 rumors as it becomes available.