Ballers Season 4, episode 6 recap: No Small Talk, straight cash homie

Omar Benson Miller, Troy Garity (Credit: Jeff Daly/HBO)
Omar Benson Miller, Troy Garity (Credit: Jeff Daly/HBO) /

As Ballers expands the reach of Sports X into more risky ventures, it’s only natural that Spencer and Joe get their hands a little dirty.

A quick summary of events on Ballers has Spencer (Johnson) and Joe (Corddry) up to their normal tricks. They’re taking something that shouldn’t work and figuring out a solution. In other words, chicken salad out of chicken sh**. Sports X is not a lucrative business at the moment, but their combined efforts are slowly righting the ship.

Meanwhile, what’s going on with the Los Angeles Rams? Ricky Jerret (Washington) is lobbying for a new job, but his former teammate/frenemy Charles (Miller) is now the GM and isn’t super interested. Charles wants Kisan (Lofton), and Jason (Troy Garity) represents both players. There is no good solution.

Quincy and the cash

Quincy (Eli Goree) is mad because he has to wait for three years before going into the NFL. Nonetheless, Spencer walks him around a college campus while explaining the situation. The link between the NCAA and NFL is one Spencer knows well.

The related finances and NCAA rules are also front and center. The duo emerge through a corridor into the football stadium at USC, where Quincy is met by a stadium full of fans chanting his name, as well as two fighter jets making a Q in the air. But somehow he wasn’t aware of the full parking lot or the thousands of people at the game. Maybe he’s not as smart as he thinks?

The USC coaching staff gets a complete meathead to show Q around the campus. Simultaneous to the visit, Spencer negotiates for the USC Trojans TV rights. The carrot on the end of the stick is obviously the promise of Q at USC. For him, it’s all about the money. Just like Randy Moss, straight cash homie.

While the Board of Regents (BoR) deliberates about Spencer’s proposal, the hot, California sun gets to Quincy, because he’s thirsty. The first girl he sees, a film student ragamuffin who looks like a Willow Smith clone draws his attention. She loves film and football; so, Quincy is in love. It’s pretty clear his mind is made up about USC.

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A decision on the deal

It turns out that Rodney Peete is on the BoR, and they turned down Spencer’s deal. Spencer is shocked, then furious. An argument with Peete follows, and the history of Spencer’s brother William is revealed.

William was a star at USC, blew out his shoulder in the Rose Bowl, and got screwed by the NCAA eligibility rules, not the university. Spencer has always blamed USC.

Nonetheless, the TV rights cost $200M according to Peete, and Spencer gives him the one-finger salute before exiting. Unfortunately for Spencer, Quincy has already decided to attend USC. There goes the golden goose.

Skating and chicken

Reggie (Brown) storms into Sports X to see Joe. He’s not happy about financials, and neither is Vernon (Carter) or Terrell “Sizzle” Suggs. To allay concerns, Joe tells Reggie about a marketing plan for a skater trio that’s already on staff. Good thing for Reggie and Joe, the trio hate Lance.

They also hate cookie cutter BS. Conversely, they love chicken and say they’ll talk if Reggie and Joe go get chicken for them. Hours later the chicken is delivered, but the skaters are MIA. Reggie and Joe discuss the business over chicken, and Reggie doesn’t like the whole “chasing clients”-aspect of Sports X business.

The Rams opening at slot

Ricky Jarret is taking vitamins to make him feel better, but he still tells TTD (McDowell) to STFU. So that means the pills don’t work emotionally. Luckily for the group, Ricky’s father Dennis (Wisdom) has arrived to help, as well as discuss his genital prowess.

Free Agent dinner

Jason Garrity and his annoying but hot girlfriend are shopping. She’s definitely part of the danger zone.

Anyway, Charles is on the other end and he wants Jason to bring Kisan to a free agent dinner. Jason is still pimping Ricky to the Rams but accepts the invite.

Who’s the third wheel?

Earlier in the day, Charles was driving down the road and saw Ricky working out the with TTD in the rain. He stopped and was impressed more than normal. Guarded, but impressed. Ricky says he’s ready to give his life on the field.

So when Jason shows up to the party with both Ricky and Kisan, that marks two times in one day Charles sees Ricky. Familiarity usually breeds contempt, but when Kisan says he’d rather play running-back than slot, there really isn’t much choice. It appears that Charles is on board with signing Ricky.

(Side note: Ricky really hits it off with Jared Goff, who desperately needs acting lessons if he’s going to appear on the show again.)

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Will the Quincy and USC deal work itself out? Are the skaters worth pursuing? Has Charles painted himself into a corner?

Ballers airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.