Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman exclusive clip: Top five worst ideas this week

Photo credit: Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman/Discovery Channel, Acquired via Discovery Channel PR
Photo credit: Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman/Discovery Channel, Acquired via Discovery Channel PR /

Aaron Kaufman is back in the driver’s seat in Shifting Gears, literally, in this exclusive clip. He’s taking part in one of the top five worst ideas for the week: rally driving without any training.

Aaron Kaufman isn’t afraid of risks and challenges. That’s clear in this week’s Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman, as he takes to a rally track with absolutely no training involved. As one of the rally track trainers at Rally Ready points out, it’s one of his top five worst ideas this week and he’s had a lot of bad ideas.

Over the last year, Aaron Kaufman has opened his own custom car building shop and created some beautiful projects. He designed F100 market aftermarket parts and built an International Scout and a Semi-Race Truck. This guy knows what it’s like to live under pressure and always rises to the challenge.

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So, it’s not too surprising to see him take on another awesome and challenging experience. His ambitious goal this year is to build a rally car that will race at the Olympus Rally Race. To understand what that means, he needs to experience life in the fast lane and take control of a rally car for the very first time.

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This is all without any training at all. It sounds like a bad idea, but you can see that Kaufman loves this adrenaline. His words when it was all over? “It was a little sloppy.”

Just from the Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman exclusive clip, you can tell that this is going to be an intense, exciting, but rewarding season.

Here’s the synopsis to get an idea of what to expect in the premiere tonight.

"In a flip from racing semi-trucks, Aaron Kaufman decides to take a stab at building and racing a rally car. Aaron and his builders try to navigate this fast-paced world they know nothing about – where winning is rare for novices and losing can be fatal"

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Would you try rally car racing without training? Did you expect Kaufman to excel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman airs tonight at 9/8c on Discovery.