Station 19 interview: Sterling Sulieman talks Season 2 and the future for Gravis

STATION 19 - ABC/Eric McCandless -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press
STATION 19 - ABC/Eric McCandless -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

Station 19 will return to our screens next Thursday. To get ready for that, we’re here with Sterling Sulieman, who dishes on the Station 19 Season 2 premiere and Gravis.

Hands up who loves Gravis on Station 19. That will likely be the majority of hands because Travis and Grant really are the best couple on the series. They’re genuine, believable, and so sweet together. After talking to Jay Hayden (one half of that ship), I’ve now had the chance to talk to the other half, Sterling Sulieman.

Yes, Grant is back in Station 19 Season 2, which is some good news. At least, that’s what we hope. The first season left us with everyone possibly dying. While most will get out of that building, Jack and Travis are the two we’re most worried about.

Could Sulieman settle our nerves a little? Any spoilers of things to come? Well, nothing major, but there are a few tidbits if you read between the lines.

Hidden Remote: I’ll admit that the minute this interview came up, I was so excited for it. I remembered you in Pretty Little Liars and was stoked to see you on Station 19.

Sterling Sulieman: Always popping around. I can’t believe Pretty Little Liars was so long ago now.

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HR: I know! So, you’re a recurring guest star still, right?

Sulieman: Yes.

HR: Are you allowed to say how many episodes you’ll be in this season?

Sulieman: I don’t know if I’m allowed to say, but I can say I’m in the first one when we come back.

HR: That finale was intense. It’s left so many questions.

Sulieman: Like everybody could die.

HR: Yeah!

Sulieman: I was there for the table read but watching it, it really felt like everyone was dead.

HR: I know. If that was the series finale if the show didn’t get picked up, I don’t know if I’d have survived. I need to know who survives and who doesn’t.

Sulieman: I did a show like that. We did not come back for the next season and basically everyone was in the worst place they could be and that was it. Like, see you later!

HR: I’m guessing with you coming back it means Travis is going to survive.

Sulieman: Well, we pick up where the last season left off, so we’re definitely in the hospital. I can say that. There’s the crossover with Grey’s Anatomy.

HR: Talk me through the first bit for Station 19 Season 2, whatever you can say. What’s in store for Grant and then Grant and Travis together?

Sulieman: Well, if Travis survives, I don’t really know. We left them last season where Travis is still struggling with Grant crossing boundaries he’s created. If you like someone you’re going to want to get closer to him and not necessarily understand their baggage. I feel like if they get the chance, they’ll need to work on a lot of that to move forward.

HR: Yes! And I know Grant said he doesn’t want to push Travis but there’s still got to be that give and take.

Sulieman: Definitely.

Image credit: Vince Trupsin — Acquired via Anderson Group Public Relations
Image credit: Vince Trupsin — Acquired via Anderson Group Public Relations /

HR: How long is Grant willing to wait for Travis to make up his mind?

Sulieman: Right. Grant is all the way in. I’ve personally never been that in so fast. I think he’s very nurturing like taking care of his grandma…

HR: I love her.

Sulieman: Yeah, she’s so great. I think people like watching couples earn it a little bit, so I think Grant will be around as long as Travis will have him.

HR: That’s the thing. We like drama and realism, but at the end of the day, as fans, we want you two to work it out.

Sulieman: Right, me too, so I can keep working. I’m like, “please don’t die!”

HR: Well, you’ve become friends with other members of the firehouse, so as long as they don’t die too.

Sulieman: Yeah, I don’t want anyone to die. It really looks like Jack dies and Travis dies.

HR: Yeah, I’m prepared for Jack. I am not willing to accept anyone else. Jack had that storyline that was wrapped up and I’m not prepared for anyone else. I’m not prepared for Travis, because I’m a Travis/Grant shipper all the way.

Sulieman: I can’t believe you just gave up on Jack like that!

HR: No, I didn’t give up! I just accept it’s Shondaland, so someone has to die!

Sulieman: That’s true. They do take risks so anything can happen.

HR: So, Travis and Grant is the big couple of the season. I rate them higher than Andy and her little love triangle that’s going on. [Gravis] is having such a positive impact. What’s that been like for you?

Sulieman: I think it’s been great. It’s been great representation on television and I feel like the storylines on there should be positive storylines. Like, with this one, being gay doesn’t come up as part of the storyline. It’s just fact. It’s about two people navigating love and having experiences together.

HR: The whole firehouse has just accepted it. There’s been no fighting for the relationship in that sense and feels like just a general relationship.

Sulieman: For me, it’s a wonderful way to show that. I feel like there’s not even that much misogyny in the house either with the three women firefighters, so I think that’s really aspiring for people. They can dream of being part of these spaces. Like they don’t think “that’s going to be terrible or too hard for me to do that.”

HR: It’s also really refreshing to have two characters that are confident in their sexuality.

Sulieman: No, they don’t apologize and they’re very confident. Yeah, that’s one of the beauties of these characters.

HR: What was it like going into Station 19 Season 1 as Grant? Did you get his whole backstory or just little pieces at a time?

Sulieman: You know, I got little pieces from Stacy when she called me and told me what the storyline was going to be that it was a kind of big storyline in the first season. I jumped at that and was excited to be back with Shondaland and work with this show.

I’d heard about it and gone out for it earlier in the year, so I was excited.

HR: And with it being Shondaland, we know what to expect in the sense that there’s always going to be drama and the whole team always writes the characters so well.

Sulieman: Yeah, the whole show has depth of character. There’s a sense that it will be similar to Grey’s but all her shows are still fresh and that’s definitely exciting.

HR: Will we see Grant’s grandmother step into this relationship anymore?

Sulieman: Well, she started it, so I supposed. You know, I never told my grandmother about any of my relationships but everyone’s different. But man! I hope so. Marla [Gibbs] is so great and it will be great to work with her again.

HR: I’ll take it as she’s not back yet.

Sulieman: Well, she’s not at the hospital. I can say that.

HR: You know, if something happened to Travis, I think she’d be just as upset.

Sulieman: Yeah! Those two were friends long before me.

STATION 19 – The ABC Television Network. ABC/Eric McCandless — Acquired via Disney ABC Press
STATION 19 – The ABC Television Network. ABC/Eric McCandless — Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

HR: What do you hope to see in Season 2. Where would you like to see Grant’s storyline go?

Sulieman: Personally, I’d like to flesh out more of where he comes from. We haven’t gotten to see too much of their relationship, just that it was budding and got to an uncomfortable place. It would be fun to see them do something fun.

HR: Have proper dates that don’t get interrupted.

Sulieman: Yeah, exactly!

HR: If Travis survives and goes back to work, could his job cause problems or is Grant just completely accepting that this is Travis’ job he could get called away at the last minute?

Sulieman: I think, like everyone, it’s a case of “I’m cool with that.” But then it starts happening, there’s no way I’d feel comfortable with it.

I mean, it’s kind of similar to what happened with Jason George’s character. You agree to someone doing this job and then I’m worried all of a sudden. But, who knows. I can’t imagine being okay with it, I’d be scared if I had a family member.

HR: I know Danielle [Savre] has a sister in the fire service. So did Danielle help offer pointers on how that feels?

Sulieman: Not really. I haven’t had any one-on-one scenes with her. But we have firefighters on set and one of the directors was a firefighter in 9/11, so people certainly have stories to share and experiences to enlighten you of the severity of the situation. Also the likeness of the situation. Those calls from grandma is a real thing. There are regulars.

HR: I really should wrap this up but I could talk forever about this show. I adore every minute of it.

Sulieman: Yeah, it’s so great. I feel like it’s going to keep getting better and better.

HR: And there are so many opportunities to crossover with Grey’s Anatomy, which is awesome.

Sulieman: A million opportunities!

Image credit: Vince Trupsin — Acquired via Anderson Group Public Relations
Image credit: Vince Trupsin — Acquired via Anderson Group Public Relations /

HR: You know, with Arizona gone from Grey’s Anatomy, that’s the LGBTQ representation gone. So, no pressure, but it’s all about the Station 19 relationship now.

Sulieman: Oh wow! I didn’t realize that. Then come on over to Station 19!

HR: So, my last question. If you had a dream role, what would it be?

Sulieman: I’d probably want to do something like Indiana Jones.

HR: Nice!

Sulieman: It’s comedy, adventure, and kind of sexy. Yeah, I would love to do that.

HR: That would be awesome. I could see you in that role.

Sulieman: Well, I have a whip…and a hat!

HR: Thank you so much for your time and I can’t wait to see you in the Station 19 Season 2 premiere.

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Are you excited to see Gravis back on your screens? What would you like to see for the two of them in Station 19 Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Station 19 Season 2 premieres Oct. 4 at 9/8c on ABC.