Mayans M.C. Season 1, Episode 6 recap: Gato/Mis

MAYANS M.C. -- "Uch/Opossum" -- Season 1, Episode 5 (Airs Tuesday, October 2, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: JD Pardo as EZ Reyes. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX
MAYANS M.C. -- "Uch/Opossum" -- Season 1, Episode 5 (Airs Tuesday, October 2, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: JD Pardo as EZ Reyes. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX /

Los Olvidados have a plan to retaliate against the cartel, and the Mayans M.C. attempts to unearth spies while dealing with extreme family drama.

Money in hand, three members of the Mayans M.C. – Angel (Clayton Cardenas), Coco (Richard Cabral), EZ (JD Pardo) – drive to Adelita’s (Carla Baratta) secret location. Adelita and her general, Pablo (Salvador Chacon), are calling out names, which could be locations, groups, or anything, and accompanying numbers. 25,000. 28,700. Hugo, Fantine, Marius.

One payment is late and Adelita says, “Get word to their rabbit; they’re out of time.” She’s uncertain about the plan in work, but Pablo is more optimistic.

Upon the Mayans’ arrival, Angel and Adelita enter the tent just as Galindo’s mole leaves with some intelligence. Angel tells her transparency is mandatory for their relationship. He wants everything, including the plan for Galindo and the heroin. Adelita reveals her real name is Luisa Espina, and she is in command of thousands.

Setting the plan in action

Subsequent to the meeting, Adelita goes to the market with Scarface and el topo gordo. She wears a white headscarf and sunglasses to make her look less like the wanted posters littered everywhere. While she makes the cash drop, the little mole sneaks away to make a call to Nestor (Gino Vento).

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Another call

Adelita calls Miguel and makes a ransom demand. She wants $7m in cryptocurrency, and Miguel has to walk solo across the Mexican border to wait for (another) call. Already hatching his counter-plan, Miguel agrees and then tells Nestor to “slaughter every f**king one of them” as soon as Cristobal is safe.

Miguel, Devante, Emily (Sarah Bolger), and Dita (Ada Maris) go to the border, where Miguel cross alone. Outwardly it appears he’s following the plan. (Note: Being in charge of a cartel named after your family means there are other options.)

Uncovering the past

Felipe (Edward James Olmos) and Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte) meet early in the morning because Kevin’s drinking heavily on Felipe’s porch before 9 am (Is Wisconsin near Mexico?). Anyway, Kevin asks if Felipe would have followed through on the family threat, and the answer is vague but somehow definite.

The pair pours over Felipe’s old photos, sometime between the time-frame of 1976 and 1984.  Getting out cost Felipe blood and money. His former partner, Pedro “The Thorn” Espina, may or may not still be an anti-drug Federale. Little does he know his former partner died at the hands of the Galindo Cartel, and his partner’s daughter is commanding an army fighting the same battle.

Coco’s dark past

Coco’s daughter Leticia (Emily Tosta) shows up at the Mayans M.C. scrapyard just as Bishop (Michael Irby) and Tranq (Frankie Loyal) order Coco and Angel on separate missions (the doubt is still out there). Bishop takes Angel and Tranq takes Coco, which leaves EZ to care for Leti. Within seconds Leti takes off her shirt, displaying massive bruising and an attractive figure.

Opening the trunk of the car, Leti displays the responsible party. It’s the trucker who picked her up at the diner. In exchange for EZ’s help, she suggests a proposition similar to the one she offered the truck driver.

Quite a bit happens as EZ helps Leti. Not only does he get into a fight with two truckers (saved by Leti and a screwdriver to one trucker’s scapula) when trying to dispose of the evidence, but he also has multiple flashbacks, the first of which is triggered by a bumper sticker.

During the first flashback, it’s revealed that EZ found his mother dead on the carniceria floor as a car with the same bumper sticker sped away. The second flashback is the car chase, with EZ bumping into the assailant’s car with his own truck’s bumper.

EZ and Angel concoct a plan to get rid of the body and the evidence, via whatever the “Death Tunnel” is, but a cop sees the car. Apparently, Leti stole it from her


grandmother. The car chase from the preview ensues, and EZ slams the car into a field of crops. He puts a huge fire hose in the window to flood the car and runs like Forrest and Jenny into the crops to hide.

The aftermath of the chase is a touching scene between first Coco and EZ, then between Coco and Leti. Despite killing his uncle, Coco appears to be a troubled lover, not a fighter. In fact, Leti is his third kid from three different mothers. Apologies to EZ and Leti, then a proposition for his daughter: start over, no lying, no secrets, no more porn.

So who’s the Mayans M.C. rat?

Bishop and Tranq are still trying to find their rat while keeping peace with the Galindo cartel. The pair sees Coco drive off with Leti and immediately wonder if it’s the mysterious Adelita they’ve been told about. Before driving away Coco and Chucky had a talk about family and keeping things secret, and Chucky is holding true to his word.

Despite further pressure from Bishop and Tranq, Chuck just says the girl is “very important to Coco.” EZ is in the adjacent bathroom cleaning up, hears it all, and realizes they think Coco is the rat. Naturally, he tells Angel about the news.

Mayans M.C.
MAYANS M.C. — “Uch/Opossum” — Season 1, Episode 5 (Airs Tuesday, October 2, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: Michael Irby as Obispo “Bishop” Losa, Alexandra Barreto as Antonia Pena. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX /

Finishing deals

A secondary deal going down at the moment is one between the cartel and Santo Padre. Emily and Devante talk about pulling out of it, and the potential repercussions. They believe Mayor Antonia Pena (Alexandra Barreto) will take issue and cause problems for their other “business arrangements.” Miguel is confident of no problems, however, because he employs a significant portion of the city. That confidence may eventually be a downfall.

The border deal

Adelita and Pablo have visibility of Galindo on a tablet and make the call. The money is transferred and Cristobal is in a nearby blue car. Devante orders Nestor to attack. Miguel runs to get Cristobal, nestled in a blue blanket.

Immigration stops Miguel and Cristobal. An anonymous tip (wink wink) alerted the officials to issues. Completely set up, Miguel loses his son for a second time, as one officer carries his son away and the other cuts into the blanket to find drugs.

Meanwhile, Nestor and crew arrive at an empty warehouse. It’s set up #2, as Adelita found out the taco truck vendor only had one kid! Fitting that Gordo fell elbow deep into the fake coordinates honeypot like Winnie the Pooh. He apologizes and pleads for his life (poorly), then Scarface shoves him off the roof.

Happy endings

Coco and Leti set the semi ablaze and smile at the stars. Felipe covers Kevin with a blanket like his own son, then sits on his porch with a sawed-off shotgun. Adelita comforts Scarface after the murder. Dita supports Emily as Miguel spends the night not dropping the soap. EZ writes in a journal then hides the contents like the money at his father’s house.

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Assistant US Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) from Sons of Anarchy pops up at the end of the episode and ponders the crimes behind the junkyard gates. Expect him to be a nuisance.

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