The Goldbergs season 6, episode 3 recap: RAD!


This week on The Goldbergs, Erica gets a job a the new karaoke bar in town. Meanwhile, Murray gives Barry and Lainey some advice on how to be responsible adults by saving money.

It was 1980-something and karaoke was taking the country by storm. When a karaoke bar opens in town, Erica sees it as a way to set off her musical career in The Goldbergs. She gets a job there but it doesn’t go exactly how she envisioned. Her mom tries to help her daughter bring in customers but the plan isn’t to Erica’s liking.

The episode of The Goldbergs, titled “RAD!” also continues with Lainey and Barry’s impending marriage plans. This time around, the subject of finances takes center stage as their expensive habits are tested. Murray tries to step in to teach them how to be more responsible with their money. Barry goes a bit too far with his new finance lessons.

Erica’s new job

After Erica gets a new job at the newly-opened karaoke bar in town, Murray is so happy at the sound of his daughter working. Beverly wants to go to the restaurant to support her daughter but Erica isn’t keen on the idea. Erica hopes the job will open up more doors and she doesn’t want Beverly to embarrass her. She makes her mom and the Frentas promise that they will stay away.

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During work, Erica is surprised to find that Beverly held her promise and never showed up. The boss Gary (played by musician Rick Springfield) wants more customers so he makes Erica a deal. The more customers that Erica gets to come into the bar, the more songs she can sing on-stage.  Erica goes home and persuades Beverly and her friends to come to the karaoke bar but there are a few rules. No embarrassing her and absolutely no karaoke performances.

Impulse shoppers

While Barry and Lainey are watching the BMX movie RAD, Pops gives them an early wedding gift. The gift is actually a savings bond and they don’t really understand the concept of waiting while the money gains interest. So instead, Barry uses the money and buys a new BMX bike because the movie inspired his next career goals.

The Goldbergs season 6

When Barry rides into the house with the bike, Lainey is upset about their finances because she bought an expensive keyboard guitar. They realize that they are impulsive shoppers so they ask Pops for another savings bond. Before he can agree, Murray intervenes by refusing to let that happen. He tells them they simply need to stop spending money. So Barry vows to be more like his father when it comes to finances.

Gal Pals

Beverly and the Frentas stop by the karaoke bar where they encounter Erica as their waitress. She pretends that they are strangers to prevent any kind of embarrassment. When Gary the boss stops by the table, the Frentas imply that Erica won’t allow them to sing which gets Erica in trouble. Erica is mortified and Beverly realizes she can never win with her daughter. She wants her mom to go home but instead Beverly gets payback by performing rounds and rounds of karaoke. They even bring Gary up to sing “Jessie’s Girl” (the musician’s real song).

Beverly tells her daughter that she feels disrespected by how Erica treats her. Gary gives his input and shares with Erica that she’s the only who views her mom as embarrassing and maybe she needs to grow up. Beverly is still mad about the situation but they have a heart to heart talk. Erica admits that she’s been the lame one, not her mom. Erica knows that her Beverly has more to offer other than just being the mom. As gal pals and a strong mother-daughter duo, they go to the bar in matching sweaters to do karaoke together.

Frugal Murray

Murray schools Barry in thrifty dad tips, a list of everything that he does to save money. He also teaches his son about bills and the payoff of being frugal. Barry takes the advice very seriously as he patrols the house about electricity and amenity usage. Murray is so proud of how serious his son took the lessons. He then reveals to Barry that his actions have saved them six dollars on the most recent bills and Barry can’t believe how little the payoff is.

Barry and Lainey are finding it very difficult to save money, especially with their expensive career dreams. Since Barry has no BMX skills, Murray tells him that maybe they aren’t ready for marriage since they aren’t serious enough when it comes to money and responsibility. Pops is there to remind Murray that people had concerns about him and Beverly before they got married so he may need to rethink the message he’s sending his son.

Murray tells Barry and Lainey that he was just looking out for them. He doesn’t want them to give up on their dreams just yet so they shouldn’t sell their bike and keyboard guitar. He even opened up a savings account for the young couple so, over time, they can start to build a life together.

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