Grey’s Anatomy recap: Love and other complications

GREY's ANATOMY -- Photo credit: Derek Johnson/ABC -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press
GREY's ANATOMY -- Photo credit: Derek Johnson/ABC -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

On Grey’s Anatomy, Season 15, Episode 5, Jackson returns to an upset Maggie, Meredith reaches out to Teddy, and Amelia and Owen deal with parenting challenges.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15, Episode 5 brought Jackson back to the hospital. Meanwhile, Meredith told Teddy she knew about the pregnancy and Amelia and Owen had a heart-to-heart. Here’s a look at everything that happened in “Everyday Angel.”

Amelia and Owen 2.0

Betty starts her first day at a new school on Grey’s Anatomy, which causes Amelia to reflect on all the ways she used to ditch school to go get high. Amelia’s maternal instincts are in overdrive, so she and Owen spend the day outside Betty’s school, hoping for the best but expecting the worst (Betty does make an attempt to bail, but Owen and Amelia catch her in the act).

Owen really digs this side of Amelia, and he begins to question why they couldn’t make their marriage work. Amelia finally reveals to Owen her fears about having another child after the death of her son, Christopher.

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The pain caused by his death was unbearable. Amelia became convinced that loving another baby would lessen Christopher’s memory.

But she’s okay. She can talk about him now, and it doesn’t break her. Amelia can look at Leo and Betty and know they can’t erase him.

This is a huge step forward for Amelia, and she and Owen may not be able to define what they’re doing together in traditional terms, but what they have is growing deeper by the day.

Proceed with caution

Meredith tracks down Teddy, who is still hanging out in Seattle. Meredith drags Teddy back to her house in an effort to get Teddy to open up about her pregnancy and her feelings for Owen.

Teddy’s really confused about Amelia and Owen’s current living situation. Meredith, who doesn’t realize how close Amelia and Owen are becoming, explains things are not what they seem. As far as she’s concerned, their relationship revolves around helping Betty and Leo.

Teddy reveals she’s always played it safe, particularly when it comes to Owen, but she’s in love with him. She’s convinced when Owen learns she’s pregnant, he’ll feel obligated to be with her.

The only advice Meredith can give is that everything Teddy thinks she knows will change when the baby comes, and she’s not telling Owen for herself. Teddy needs to do it for her unborn child.

Jack’s back

Jackson returns to Grey Sloan to perform surgery on a young boy, Rafi, with a disfiguring genetic condition, who he met while on his quest to figure out the meaning of life. He’s eager to reconnect with Maggie, but she’s still upset about his abrupt departure.

Jackson enlists Alex and Dr. Link to help with Rafi’s surgery, and Alex does nothing to conceal his disdain for Jo’s college friend. Link and Jo knew each other as undergrads and waited tables together. Their chumminess doesn’t sit well with Alex, even though there’s zero romantic history between the studly ortho god and Mrs. Karev.

During the surgery, Jackson discovers Rafi has cancer. He can either remove it and seriously impair the boy’s quality of life or take a less drastic approach which would mean Rafi would undergo cancer treatment. The latter option being less than ideal because of his age.

Maggie’s attempts not to deal with her feelings over Jackson’s reappearance are thwarted by Cece, who is still killing time meddling in everyone’s love lives while waiting for her transplant. Maggie admits she doesn’t have a problem with Jackson’s soul-searching. She’s upset he froze her out in the process. Cece urges Maggie to stop worrying about what Jackson wants and start thinking about what she wants instead.

Maggie warms up to Jackson after deciding the person she’s really mad at is herself. He tells her that even though he’s going to save Rafi’s life, the kid is going to wake up and learn that he won’t be able to run around and swim and climb trees anymore, and it will be Jackson’s fault.

Maggie offers some words of comfort, which leads to Jackson having an epiphany on how to get rid of the cancer and allow Rafi to still do all the things he loves.

After Rafi’s surgery, an elated Jackson turns his full attention towards Maggie. He apologizes for leaving the way he did. Jackson’s back for good. The connection to something larger than himself that he’s been searching for is at Grey Sloan with Maggie. Maggie forgives him, but she’s also determined to stop worrying so much about others and focus more attention on what she wants (her work).

Link confronts Alex about his attitude problem, and it turns out Alex isn’t jealous. Alex is angry that Link didn’t protect Jo from her ex-husband. Link reveals he didn’t like Paul, but Jo was determined to be with him anyway. But Link had no idea Paul was abusive, but if he had, he would have defended Jo. Their conversation softens Alex, who admits to Jo he thinks Link is a good guy.

There are some other developing storylines worth mentioning. Schmitt, aka “Glasses,” is dealing with his growing attraction to Grey Sloan’s other hot newbie, Dr. Kim. Unfortunately, Dr. Kim is sending some mixed signals.

Bailey reveals to Jo that despite her best efforts to change her lifestyle, she’s still stressed out. Bailey realizes this is because she’s constantly worried about Ben.

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Did Maggie let Jackson off the hook too easily? Should Meredith give Amelia a heads up about Teddy? Are Bailey and Ben headed for divorce? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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