Mayans M.C. Season 1, Episode 9 recap: Serpiente/Chikchan

MAYANS M.C. -- "Serpiente/Chikchan" -- CR: Prashant Gupta/FX -- Acquired via FX Press Site
MAYANS M.C. -- "Serpiente/Chikchan" -- CR: Prashant Gupta/FX -- Acquired via FX Press Site /

Karma and closure rules the day on Mayans M.C., as the head of a snake gets cut off in order to forge a bond between warring factions.

As Mayans M.C. progresses, there are more and more links and between law enforcement, the cartel, the M.C., and Los Olvidados. Furthermore, the greatness of Mayans M.C. is allowing it to distance from Sons of Anarchy.

Where there aren’t links, there are definite differences like those between Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) and Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam). Well, “Serpiente/Chikchan” gets even deeper, as it threatens familial and religious bonds.

It doesn’t matter how crooked the cops are in Santo Padre?

Rogan (Edwin Hoge) is as crooked as they come, but even he doesn’t know what to do with a dead body in a trunk. Lucky for EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas), however, the DOJ is bailing them out. Of course, Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) is behind it, and he wastes absolutely no time spilling all the beans about EZ’s deal with the DEA. Angel hears everything.

With the secret out, Potter says he has a new deal for EZ that will expunge his record. Now that Angel knows, they’re both on the hook with the Feds. Angel doesn’t take things well and beats the hell out of EZ in a desolate field. Love still exists, however, because Angel saves EZ from a literal snake in the grass. No matter how mad he is, sangre es sangre.

Angel still goes to see his father, and he’s got an ear full for Felipe (Edward James Olmos). Admitting he was never the golden child has caused him a lifetime of inferiority, and the grudge is against his own father. Felipe never meant it that way. He never judged Angel for the poor choices or crime.

Mayans M.C.
MAYANS M.C. — “Serpiente/Chikchan” — CR: Prashant Gupta/FX — Acquired via FX Press Site /

Can Los Olvidados survive if everyone is their enemy?

Currently, the Galindo Cartel, the Mayans M.C., and the DOJ are against Los Olvidados. In fact, Nestor (Gino Vento) talked to Father Rodrigo (Daniel Faraldo) to get to Adelita. The tides, however, may be turning.

Miguel and Emily (Sarah Bolger) have a plan to double-cross Potter and the DEA. They tell Devante (Tony Plana) how they plan to deceive the U.S. government by setting up decoys, data, information, and whatever it takes to make Potter and employees think they are in control. Meanwhile, Miguel plans on sticking with Adelita (Carla Baratta) and controlling everything. All that doesn’t stop the meeting between Nestor and Adelita.

Devante contacts Marcus (Emilio Rivera) to set up a cartel and M.C. secret, San Buho Tribal Casino meeting. While the parties drive in, a snake eats a rat on the side of the road in some of the most obvious foreshadowing imaginable. Miguel wastes no time at the meeting, divulging how he was coerced into a deal with the DEA, and his plans on back-stabbing Potter. Then he brings in Adelita and jaws hit the floor. Especially Devante’s.

Mayans M.C. is now taken from “loading dock to boardroom.” They are now the ones who are supposed to keep the partnership straight between the cartel and M.C., but they won’t control problems inside the cartel. At least Angel and Adelita can now pursue whatever it is they have.

The snake threatens the rat

Emily confronts EZ about his deal with the DEA and threatens him. She says, “Don’t make me choose, EZ!” Mama-bear will likely throw her former lover under the bus to protect her family.

After the meeting, Gilly, Coco, and Angel organize a hotel room meeting with EZ. He’s worried. He could be getting jumped. Or worse.

Instead, they’re all getting Mayan-themed snake tattoos and enjoying the company of hookers. Angel tells EZ it’s a reminder of betrayal. Straight Cain and Abel stuff. Of course, Angel is betraying the “brothers” of the M.C. sooooo, pot meet kettle.

The snake eats the rat

Why did Miguel turn on Devante? Ultimately, some of his brother Cristobal’s old x-rays were uncovered when Potter flipped the house. It was a slow death from pneumonia. Which means Devante and Dita (Ada Maris) lied to Miguel to get him to go after Los Olvidados.

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Trust broken, Devante may have lost his role as cartel advisor. Scratch that, he definitely lost his role. Miguel gave Devante the cold shoulder in the meeting, then surprised him with Adelita’s appearance, and finally revealed the x-ray information and the complete lack of faith.

As all parties leave the meetup, Miguel sets up a face to face meeting between Adelita and Devante where he reveals Devante was the one who led the execution squad on Adelita’s family.

Miguel later opens the back of his SUV and shows Adelita a machete, machete, machete, macheeete! Decapitation follows, and the symbolic snake slithers by the severed head. One rat down.

At the same time, Los Olvidados sets up Rodrigo with child porn on his computer and then suicides him. Felipe symbolically burns his old drug enforcement photos. Two rats down.

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In a related story that is sure to explode in the season finale, Kevin Jimenez got fired for his previous outbursts. His office was ransacked for information and he’s now on the outside, which makes it easy for Potter to inform the Reyes brothers of their mission of absolution: kill Kevin Jimenez. Will they go through with it to save EZ’s future?

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