Charmed: Why Mel and Nico’s relationship is so powerful

Charmed -- "Sweet Tooth" -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Charmed -- "Sweet Tooth" -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Many shows will make a big deal about an LGBTQ relationship and it seemed Charmed was going to go that route at first. However, Mel and Nico’s relationship is so powerful because of one element missing.

For many shows, the coming out of a character is one of the biggest storylines used. We just have to look at Grey’s Anatomy‘s Callie and the way Willow figured out her sexuality in Buffy the Vampire Slayer to see how these storylines have always been prevalent. It seemed like Charmed may have gone the same way with Nico and Mel, but that certainly wasn’t the case.

Acceptance and normalization

In “Sweet Tooth,” we were given Mel’s backstory and it actually linked to her hiding the secret of being a witch. Mel has never had to hide who she is. Her mom always knew she was a lesbian, so there was never a major coming out storyline in the past. Mel was just accepted, which is the way it should be.

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And this is where Mel and Nico’s relationship is just so perfect. We didn’t have the big “will-they-won’t-they” storyline. Okay, at first they’d broken up but that made sense. Mel was grieving and the anger got in the way of their relationship and communication. However, Nico was still there and still loved Mel.

When they got back together, there wasn’t a huge to-do about it. Maggie was happy that her sister was back with Nico. Macy just accepted it as part of life. Mel didn’t have to explain everything. Being a lesbian was normalized and isn’t that the way it should always be? After all, a relationship is a relationship is a relationship, especially when it involves a character in her 20s who has known her mind since she was young.

It made sense why Mel struggled to keep the witch side a secret. She didn’t like having to hide who she was since she’s never had to do it in the past.

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Charmed — “Let This Mother Out” — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
Charmed — “Let This Mother Out” — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

The way of The CW

Charmed isn’t the first show to bring this focus on a lesbian relationship being normalized. The 100 and The Originals have both used these types of storylines. Some in good ways and some in bad ways.

Station 19 is also following suit with Travis and Grant. Travis’ sexuality is just an accepted part of who he is. The storylines between Gravis are the same storylines between any other couple on the show and on other shows. Chicago Fire is now following suit and many more will likely continue this trend.

Seeing these relationships normalized is essential. Being gay doesn’t make you who you are but is a part of who you are, just like being straight is for other people. Seeing Mel and Nico just be who they are and not need to explain or make some sort of excuse has been perfect. They’re treated like any heterosexual couple on TV and it shows the move forward in representation and acceptance.

Now we just need more of it!

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