Grey’s Anatomy recap: Is Meredith in the middle of another love triangle?

Grey's Anatomy photo credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press
Grey's Anatomy photo credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 15, episode 6, some of the doctors are haunted by those they’ve lost while others look towards the future.

To Tell or Not to Tell

Teddy finally shows up at Owen’s to tell him she’s pregnant, but before she can break the news, Amelia arrives frantic over the sudden disappearance of Betty. As desperate as we all are for Teddy to just spit it out, Betty’s absence puts Teddy’s revelation on hold as she helps Amelia and Owen search for Amelia’s ward.

They have no luck locating Betty, and the stress proves too much for Amelia, so she goes to a meeting. At last, Owen and Teddy get a chance to talk. They both apologize for how things have been going between them. Owen admits he was concerned that Teddy was right when she said he couldn’t be alone. But he swears he didn’t decide to become a foster dad to Leo just because he was lonely. He’s wanted to be a dad his entire life.

Teddy wants to know if Owen’s happy, but Leo begins crying, so she doesn’t get her answer. She decides to leave without telling Owen she’s pregnant.

The New Dynamic Duo

Jo is excited for her first solo liver transplant, but the patient, Roberta, is so convinced something will go wrong that she’s planning her own funeral. Sure enough, Roberta’s liver gets diverted (this is the third liver she’s lost in a year).

The death of one of Bailey’s patients gives Roberta another shot. The only complication is Bailey’s patient was dead for seven minutes, meaning his organs are no longer viable. Bailey decides to try an experimental procedure to bring the liver back to life. Bailey’s plan to save the liver is a success. The only thing standing in her and Jo’s way from saving Roberta is some bureaucratic red tape and Alex. It turns out there could be some liability issues if the revived liver doesn’t work.

Alex may have put his foot down, but Jo doesn’t like being bossed around by the Chief, especially since he’s her husband.

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The liver donation is approved by the powers that be, so Bailey decides to move forward without Alex’s permission. Jo isn’t sure if Alex will forgive her, but Bailey promises if Roberta dies, Jo will never forgive herself.

Is DeLuca the New McDreamy?

Meredith, Alex and DeLuca join forces to help a young girl, Flor, who has a cyst in her bile duct which needs removal before it becomes cancer. Flora’s family is also celebrating The Day of the Dead, a Mexican tradition, honoring the dead (spirits return, but not in a creepy way).

DeLuca is still making eyes at Meredith, so fans shouldn’t give up on those sex dreams becoming a reality.

Flor decides she doesn’t want DeLuca to participate in her surgery because she’s got a crush on the hunky doctor.

DeLuca tells Meredith he’s going to sit this one out, but he’s disappointed because he was really looking forward to working with her. Meredith promises they’ll have plenty of chances in the future. There’s a lingering glance, but Meredith seems set on keeping things strictly professional.

Daddy Issues

Meredith’s haunted by someone from her past, her father, Thatcher. Webber informs Meredith Thatcher has leukemia and only has a few weeks to live.

As usual, when it comes to her absentee father, Meredith is conflicted. Meredith does tell Maggie, who can’t help but think about her mother.

Jackson tries very hard to make up for his absence, but it’s obvious Maggie still isn’t entirely okay with it. He brings her food and flowers and tries to get her to open up about her mom, but Maggie brushes him off.

Ortho Gods

Schmitt is put on ortho rotation which has him working with Link and the gorgeous Dr. Kim (talk about conflicted feelings). Their patient is a young boy with a broken arm who turns out to have cancer.

There’s been a definite vibe between Schmitt and Dr. Kim, and Kim begins to pursue Schmitt in earnest. Schmitt is still trying to come to terms with his attraction, but Kim is very single and very open to meeting someone.

Link hasn’t given up on trying to woo Meredith (thanks to some urging from Jo). He asks Meredith out, but she shoots him down. Meredith explains to Link he’s not really dateable. He’s more of the one-night-stand kind of guy (break out the condom in case of an emergency).

As if Link isn’t nice enough, we learn when he was a kid, he had the exact same tumor as his patient. He tells the boy’s mother he survived, bringing her some much-needed comfort and hope. He also cuts his own hair off to make the boy feel better about possibly losing his own.

Perhaps. Meredith would be more flattered by all the male attention, if she wasn’t trying to sort out her feelings about Thatcher. Alex encourages Meredith to get some closure, but she’s kind of over it. She’s opened the door for her father in the past (she gave the guy a piece of her liver), but after Lexi’s death, he disappeared.

Meredith may have unresolved daddy issues, but her love life is looking up. Link isn’t giving up without a fight, putting his number in Meredith’s phone “in case of emergency.” DeLuca shows up, and both men rush to hold open the elevator door for Meredith who decides to take the stairs. Oh, yes, it’s on.

Schmitt and Kim share a very steamy kiss in the elevator, and Schmitt admits it’s his first time kissing another man. Kim had no idea Schmitt wasn’t out, and he’s not up for guiding him through the process.

Bailey and Jo save Roberta, and even though Alex is angry Jo defied him, he’s also turned on by her “medical genius.” This means a make-out sesh in his office. Sleeping with the Chief of Surgery has its perks.

The Day of the Dead brings some familiar faces back to the hospital. As Meredith heads out, we see Ellis, George, Mark Sloan and Derek. Yes, Derek!

Meredith winds up at Alex’s where Jo is trying to fix what’s left of Link’s locks. It’s obvious Meredith is warming up to the new doctor in town.

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