Grey’s Anatomy fall finale recap: Secrets are revealed during a massive storm

Grey's Anatomy -- Mitch Haaseth/ABC -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press
Grey's Anatomy -- Mitch Haaseth/ABC -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

On Grey’s Anatomy fall finale, Blowin’ in the Wind, the hospital is inundated with patients during a massive windstorm.

Grey Sloan is slammed with patients during a windstorm on Grey’s Anatomy, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out Mother Nature’s wrath is a metaphor for an episode overwrought with emotional turmoil.

Meredith returns early from Los Angeles to bail Webber out of jail. Meredith is concerned Webber hasn’t gotten a new sponsor, isn’t going to meetings and is now destroying bars. She makes it clear Webber needs to get his head right, so he can take care of the people who depend on him.

Maggie and Jackson’s relationship status remains … complicated as does Teddy and Owen’s. Teddy’s still hanging around Seattle but hasn’t told Owen she’s pregnant. The timing isn’t great with Betty still missing.

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Maternal instinct

The windstorm causes a huge amount of casualties, and with Alex and Jo trapped in their apartment (the two enjoy some much-needed quality time), Bailey slips back into her old role as chief.

Meredith and DeLuca are still on Cece watch, and the matchmaker has her sights set on someone for Meredith  — Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Link.

It’s all hands on deck, including Teddy, as the doctors deal with what Helm nicknames “Impalement-palooza.” Teddy, Owen, and Jackson have a patient impaled by a Christmas decoration (a giant candy cane), and Amelia tends to a young woman, Phoebe, who, in spite of having a selfie stick embedded in her skull is awake and talking.

The odds of Phoebe making it aren’t good, so Amelia urges Phoebe to call someone. Phoebe speaks to her mother but doesn’t mention she’s got a massive head injury.

Betty arrives at the hospital with some minor injuries from the storm and admits she’s high. She’s sorry and wants to get clean. Betty came back for Amelia, Owen, and Leo. Visibly upset, Amelia leaves Owen to deal with Betty.

Amelia’s patient dies on the table, but the upside is Phoebe’s an organ donor, and she’s a match for Cece. It’s up to Amelia to break the news to Phoebe’s mother. Amelia’s rattled by Phoebe’s death, mainly because she’s starting to think and act like a parent herself.

Love is in the air

Bailey sends Schmitt and Kim to the clinic, and Schmitt is still feeling hurt, rejected, and angry by Kim’s rejection. Schmitt’s pissy attitude only serves to confirm Kim’s reservations. He doesn’t want to deal with all the drama or Schmitt’s shame spiral about coming out.

Kim leaves the clinic and gets blown off his feet and into the side of an ambulance. It’s Schmitt to the rescue. Kim’s fine except for a bump on the head and the twosome seek refuge in the empty ambulance.

Schmitt has plenty to say to Kim while they’re trapped together. Schmitt announces he’s a nerd which means he’s no more ashamed of being attracted to guys than anything else in his life. Schmitt’s always been a bit sheltered when it comes to sex, and he’s had feelings towards men, but he just didn’t know what they meant.

The kiss with Kim in the elevator brought Schmitt some much-needed clarity, and he felt the opposite of ashamed. Schmitt’s heartfelt monologue leads to another steamy make-out sesh. Nico Kim and Levi Schmitt are, by far, the hottest new couple at Grey Sloan.

It’s a baby

As Teddy and Owen scrub in for surgery, Teddy tells Owen they need to have a talk but doesn’t want to get into specifics. She’d rather do it over coffee, leaving Owen to stew over what bomb she’s about to drop.

Owen reacts like anyone would after someone says they need to have a talk but won’t divulge the subject of the aforementioned conversation on the spot — he attempts to get Teddy to spill. There’s never a good time to tell the love of your life — who happens to be living with another woman he’s raising kids with — that you’re pregnant with his baby. Especially not while standing over an open body on the operating table.

But Teddy finally realizes she’s reached the point of it’s now or never and reveals to Owen she’s pregnant. Owen doesn’t even have time to process this bit of information before Teddy has to rush off to deal with another patient.

Maggie is desperate to get some sisterly advice from Meredith about Jackson after the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but Meredith is distracted and impatient. Given Meredith is hauling around a huge secret about Catherine, she’s not up to Maggie’s incessant whining and complaining.

Maggie’s hurt by Meredith’s attitude, and Meredith breaks doctor-patient confidentiality and tells Maggie about Catherine’s tumor. She warns Maggie that Jackson is going to need her to be there for him, even if it’s just as a friend.

Cece finds out she’s going to get her transplants, but it’s not the best news. Cece’s only getting Phoebe’s organs because the weather is too bad for anyone else to come retrieve them. DeLuca breaks it to Cece she wasn’t even near the top of the list because of all the damage her body has sustained. The surgery carries huge risks, and Cece may not survive.

Cece isn’t one to give up without a fight. Cece tells Meredith you have to squeeze every bit of love and joy out of life. This resonates with DeLuca who can’t help but shoot Meredith meaningful glances.

Cece’s advice motivates Meredith to finally agree to go out with Link, and it also gives DeLuca the courage to confess to Meredith he has feelings for her. He’s been thinking about that drunken kiss at the wedding non-stop, and he thinks there could be something between them.

Meredith’s on overload. While she doesn’t shoot DeLuca down, she needs some time to process her feelings.

Webber and Bailey have a heart-to-heart chat. Richard’s determined to find a new sponsor and get his act together because he thinks Catherine is having an affair with Koracick (Koracick picks up Catherine’s phone when Richard tries to call).

Bailey reveals she and Ben are living apart, and Webber thinks Bailey is trying to fix a problem within herself from the outside. She’s given up her job, and her husband, and it’s not making her feel any better.

What goes up …

It wouldn’t be a Grey’s Anatomy fall finale without a few cliffhangers. The wind knocks over a transformer, trapping Teddy, Amelia and Owen in an elevator. This occurs right after Amelia announces she wants to officially become Betty’s foster mom. Both Owen and Amelia look like they got caught peeing in a public pool, and it’s going to be tough to keep the news quiet there’s a baby on board.

A fading Cece gets stuck in transit, and Meredith and DeLuca are also alone … together … in an elevator. We all know what happens in a Grey Sloan elevator doesn’t always stay there.

Everyone else may literally be in the dark, but Maggie takes it upon herself to let Jackson know about Catherine.

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