Vikings Season 5B: Can Ivar really trust Rollo?

Vikings -- Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY -- Acquired via A&E Press Site
Vikings -- Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY -- Acquired via A&E Press Site /

Rollo is back but he has his own agenda in Vikings Season 5B. Is that agenda going to be the same as Ivar’s? Can nephew trust uncle?

Let’s be honest; Rollo has always done what he wants. Even when he was supposed to be loyal to Ragnar, he’s done questionable things for his own purpose. He even turned against everyone when it came to love with the French princess. Is it that surprising that he’s back for Vikings Season 5B and has his own agenda?

He was never going to turn up just to help one set of Ragnar’s sons. While he did promise Hvitserk that he’d be there, Rollo is one of those who is one step ahead. He has a plan and he’s not afraid to make people trust him and then turn against them.

Michael Hirst has confirmed that Rollo has a hidden agenda. He’s returning because of some unfinished business and part of that involves Lagatha. So, can Ivar trust him?

Rollo has a connection with Hvitserk

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It all goes back to why Rollo is there. He shares more of a connection with the elder of his two nephews in Kattegat right now. According to Metro, this is linked to Hvitserk’s feeling of uncertainty. He isn’t really wanted anywhere and Rollo can relate to that.

Well, let’s just say I want them both to remain on Vikings. They are definitely wanted by the fans of the series, but they’re not wanted by their own people.

Rollo returned for Hvitserk and not for Ivar. If it comes down to Hvitserk walking away, there are chances Rollo and his French army will too. Alternatively, if one decided to stay, the other would likely remain, too.

Rollo has a connection with Lagatha

It’s hard to forget the connection Rollo has with his ex-sister-in-law. There has always been a hint at a love triangle between Rollo, Lagatha, and Ragnar. That was never explored, as Lagatha left when Aslaug became a prominent part of Ragnar’s life.

During an interview with IGN, Hirst confirmed that Rollo is back for unfinished business that goes back to the first season. He even hinted at the possibility that Rollo is Bjorn’s father rather than Ragnar.

While this would be a change to history, there is never any way of knowing true paternity in the past. It’s an easy plot point to overlook when it comes to accuracy (and let’s be honest, Hirst doesn’t always stick to accuracy when he wants to tell a dramatic story. The Tudors fans will know that well).

If Rollo believes Bjorn could be his son, it’s doubtful that Rollo would truly go against him. Could he be hedging his bets with Ivar for now, but looking for a time to switch sides?

Let’s also not forget that Ivar wants to kill Lagatha. The unfinished business and connection with Ragnar’s first wife is going to get in the way of Ivar’s plans.

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Do you think Ivar can trust Rollo? What’s Rollo’s agenda in Vikings Season 5B? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Vikings Season 5B premieres on Nov. 28 at 9/8c on HISTORY.