Modern Family recap: Is Haley ready to be a mom?

MODERN FAMILY -- ABC/Ron Tom -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press
MODERN FAMILY -- ABC/Ron Tom -- Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

Coming back from a three-week break, Modern Family wastes no time addressing Haley’s pregnancy.

Before Modern Family went on break, they dropped a bomb on their viewers that Haley was pregnant. As the show returned, they jumped straight into the aftermath of this revelation.

To begin the episode, Haley and Dylan are at a diner. He’s excited that they’re pregnant but Haley is clearly not. He tries to propose but she turns him down without hesitation and in this scene, they both look like immature, unintelligent kids. They’re the characters they were at the start of the series. She’s worried about her job and doesn’t think that they are prepared for a kid overall.

When she goes to talk to her boss about her situation, her boss misinterprets the seriousness in her tone and ends up giving her a promotion. Later in the episode, Haley tells her mom about the promotion she just got and Claire is proud of her.

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Haley asks her if she regrets having her young and derailing her career and Claire says she doesn’t. She goes on to tell Haley, after Haley says that she was lucky to have Phil, that Phil wasn’t what she thinks he was. She tells Haley that Phil wasn’t ready when she got pregnant but that he stepped up.

Claire thinks they’re having this conversation because Haley’s career is taking off early and doesn’t even think to ask about pregnancy. The next time we see Haley, she’s arriving at the hospital and seeing how great Dylan is with a young patient.

Cam and Jay

One of the side stories follows Cam and Jay dealing with a situation with the football team. Cam is about to coach the school in the city championship and Jay is there as a booster for the team. The team is not responding to Cam in practice and it turns out that they feel his language is sexist and hurtful.

He gets a talking to from the principal who tells him he needs to be more sensitive about protected classes. Cam says that he’s gay himself and this shouldn’t be an issue but the principal points out that gay doesn’t get you the mileage it used to.

Later in the episode, the team is performing terribly and as they go into the half Cam is hurting. He gives a speech about letting them down and not being able to earn Jay’s respect because of it.

That’s when Jay jumps in and gives the ultimate PC motivational speech. He ends by saying that he respects and admires Cam and that becomes the rallying cry as the team starts chanting that they too respect and admire Cam. As the team marches out on their way to victory, Jay says he can’t believe they bought it. Jay was acting, but Cam was not.

Modern Family — (ABC/Ron Tom) — Acquired via Disney ABC Press
Modern Family — (ABC/Ron Tom) — Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

Alex and Claire

While out shopping with Gloria for a sexy outfit to impress her man, Alex runs into her mom. She initially tries to hide that they were together but Claire isn’t fooled. Alex tells her mom that she doesn’t think she’s comfortable with her sexuality and Claire asks if she’ll give her a chance.

This results in Claire going too far and slapping Alex’s butt when she walks out in a skimpy dress. She then starts talking about lingerie and later in the episode, it’s clear that the two will not be discussing this subject again.

Mitch and Phil

The final story from this episode followed Phil and Mitch as they’re headed out of town for a Star Wars convention. On the way, they decide to stop at a gay bar Mitch used to sneak away to before he came out. They end up running into Phil’s arch nemesis Gil Thorpe (Rob Riggle). Phil doesn’t realize that this means Gil is gay initially, even after seeing a man sit on his lap.

Gil notices Phil and walks over, initially pretending to not be gay but Mitch lets him know it’s fine to be honest. Gil then relaxes and ends up wanting to talk to Mitch about coming out. He feels like he’s late to the game and needs some help. Mitch says that he can’t leave Gil like this and Phil is upset. He leaves for the convention alone losing his brother-in-law to his arch nemesis.

Gil immediately tries to get Mitch into bed and is incredibly aggressive about it. Mitch realizes he made a mistake and chases Phil down to rejoin the trip.

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The main story of the week was clearly the Haley decision and it appears that this will be the main story of the season. She still hasn’t told her family about the pregnancy and that announcement alone will likely get a full episode. We’ll see how they decide to approach that conversation in the coming weeks.

Modern Family returns next Wednesday at 9/8 Central on ABC.