Vikings: Why wouldn’t Bjorn believe what Rollo told him? [Spoilers]

Vikings -- Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY -- Acquired via A&E Press Site
Vikings -- Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY -- Acquired via A&E Press Site /

Rollo had a revelation to share in the Vikings Season 5B premiere. Why did Bjorn dismiss him so quickly?

When Rollo shared his revelation to Bjorn in the Vikings Season 5B premiere, many may have thought a fight or some sort of argument would have started. There was no emotion from Bjorn, except disdain for his uncle. Why would that be the case?

With the news that someone other than the man you’ve grown up calling “father” is possibly your dad, most people would scream, shout, and get angry. Bjorn never did. In fact, he calmly took in Rollo’s words and very quickly put his argument forward about who he believes is his dad.

At no point is he angry at Lagatha for keeping this potential secret quiet. He’s heard the rumors and likely had this conversation with his mother in the past. He knows the truth about Lagatha sleeping with both brothers and he’s made his own mind up based on the facts.

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Vikings — Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY — Acquired via A&E Press Site /

Angry at Rollo or just believes he’s Ragnar’s son?

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There are two arguments for Bjorn not to believe Rollo in the Vikings Season 5B premiere. The first is that he believes he is Ragnar’s son. This is an argument that he puts forward. He knows he looks like Ragnar and believes in loyalty and the Viking way, just like Ragnar. To him, that’s all that matters and it makes him a son of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Let’s not forget that there never seemed to be any doubt in Ragnar’s eyes that Bjorn was his son. Apart from a moment in the first season between Rollo and Lagatha, there never seemed to be a suggestion that Ragnar suspected Bjorn was his nephew instead of his son. That point was never touched upon until now.

But the other argument is that Bjorn knew how to hurt Rollo. Bjorn has been hurt by Rollo in the past when Rollo chose the French side instead of the Vikings. Rollo’s decision nearly cost Lagatha her life and Bjorn, who had fought beside Rollo on numerous occasions, was furious at Rollo for that.

Whether Bjorn believes Rollo or not, this was an opportunity for him to hurt Rollo back. He had an in and was willing to take it. Bjorn isn’t exactly in a good place right now, forced from his home and warring with his half-brothers. He’s defensive, angry, and (although he won’t admit it) afraid. Hurting Rollo will have made him feel good on some level.

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Will it be a continued plot point?

I don’t think this will come up again. This scene in the Vikings Season 5B premiere seems to have been to wrap up the storyline created in the first season. It’s like a final goodbye to Clive Standen’s Rollo, so the focus can now remain on Ivar and Lagatha going against each other.

When Rollo said “we will never meet again,” it seemed like that was Michael Hirst’s way of saying that Rollo wouldn’t be back. Whether he meant he wouldn’t be back in Lagatha’s storyline or in the whole of the series isn’t clear, but it felt like closure. Whether Bjorn acted out of anger or belief, it doesn’t seem to matter to Rollo; he’s done.

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What do you think about that emotional scene? Did Bjorn speak out of anger or because he truly believes his own parentage? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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