Celebrity Big Brother cast members get paid to be in house

Celebrity Big Brother cast members are incentivized to play the reality competition. This results in the celebrities getting paid to play the game, which is understandable when it comes to a television show.

One facet of reality competition shows that involve celebrities, is that most of the time they are paid to take part. It’s an opportunity cost scenario, where most celebrities have to be convinced to give up that time for the show that they could spend on something else. Such is also the case for the new Celebrity Big Brother cast members, with one contract reportedly leaked already.

How much does Celebrity Big Brother cast make?

A recent report stated that Dina Lohan has been offered $100,000 to compete in the winter 2019 season. She became famous as the mom and manager of actress Lindsay Lohan, also starring in several other reality television shows. There is reportedly a bonus for each eviction that she survives while in the house.

Even though it’s possible that Dina Lohan won’t even be a member of the new Celebrity Big Brother cast, this does serve as a reminder to fans that the celebrities are paid to play the game. The more famous a celebrity, the higher that salary can become. Such were the rumors about when Omarosa was approached to play, last season, after her time in the President Trump White House.

BB Celeb cast reveal time

It won’t be long till the new group of celebrities is appearing on the Big Brother live feeds. The network still hasn’t revealed an exact date or time that the cast list will be made public, but that day is coming up very quickly. According to the 2019 Celebrity Big Brother schedule, the season premiere is on Monday, January 21. The new cast should be revealed more than a week before that episode.

If the budget for the reality competition show was a lot larger, maybe they could convince people like Channing Tatum or Emma Stone to play the game. As it stands, though, the casting director has to put eyes on celebrities a bit further down the list. Former teen stars, successful athletes, reality TV stars, and Broadway performers fit that mold. All four groups of celebrities might be represented on the new Celebrity Big Brother cast.