Halloween comes to Blu-ray and DVD with plenty of bonus content


Halloween has arrived on DVD and Blu-ray! We have a few thoughts to share on the thrilling bonus features and why the film is for more than horror fans.

Halloween completely shocked audiences around the world when the film returned after years since Michael Myers stalked a number of potential victims on Halloween night – and the film did not disappoint. After crossing a major box office milestone for the genre by earning a whopping $250 million, Halloween reinstated itself as a timeless franchise and could potentially contribute to a return to the slasher sub-genre of horror we desperately desire.

The film is available to download now, but will soon be out on the Blu-ray and DVD loaded with bonus content and features worth checking out for any die-hard Halloween fan. Let’s get to the new features and discuss the perks of Halloween’s release.

The original scream queen!

Something particularly interesting about the new Halloween is the decision to bring back the character of Laurie Strode. Curtis is, in fact, the reason behind the term “scream queen” after playing a timeless protagonist in the franchise. The new chapter erases everything that has happened in the series past the first film and serves as a bloody love letter to her character in the best way. It feels like a true Laurie Strode tribute!

Halloween 2018
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One bonus content features Curtis making comparisons to the original, her first on-screen scream, and the entire cast and crew practically gushing over her indisputable talent and respect for her commitment to her craft. There’s also interesting commentary on the resilience of her character, as well as the post traumatic stress that has impacted her and turned her into an unstoppable survivor. No matter how many years pass by, Laurie Strode (and Curtis, of course) will always be prominent figures in the genre and are the definitions of true scream queens.

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Deleted and extended scenes!

Sometimes, in films, deleted scenes can stray from the intended narrative or feel less than important in the broader picture. However, many other times they may  contain helpful information, and that’s  the case for Halloween.

Spoilers ahead!

One of the deleted scenes shows Cameron (Allyson’s boyfriend) getting belligerently drunk after their fight and he finds himself getting arrested. Cameron then please with his friend to make sure Allyson gets home safely, which ends up with the “friend” trying to make a move on the Strode granddaughter before…well, you know what happens next.

The scene tries to prove that Cameron did actually care for Allyson and didn’t just leave her up to his friend. It just still was a more surface level high school fling. Nonetheless, an interesting piece of the story that adds slight weight to their interaction.

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Other feature scenes notably seen in the trailers and promotional shots, such as a near shower attack, a police ride along, and an extended scene of Scream Queen Laurie Strode in the shooting range practicing for her epic face-off with Michael. Who doesn’t love bonus footage?

The making of Halloween

In terms of this film’s continuity, it’s been 40 years since the last events of the franchise and Halloween has fans of all ages hyped for the return to the story of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

“The Making Of” provides insight from all of the creatives involved in crafting the new film and gives fans an exclusive look at the process, as well as the technical side of things for film buffs. In this detailed exploration of Halloween, Curtis divulges when she knew she would agree to the film or what decisions went into the new plot and former continuity of the franchise. The feature really takes pleasure in showcasing the darker moments of the film and how they were able to pull everything off so seamlessly despite pressure from all angles.

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Halloween slashes its way into DVD and Blu-ray on January 15. Make sure to pick up a copy and enjoy the return of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode!