Celebrity Big Brother host provides house tour for fans

Celebrity Big Brother host Julie Chen is back for the winter 2019 season. On Wednesday (January 16), she posted a BB Celeb house tour, showing off the new theme that producers have used this year.

Celebrity Big Brother host Julie Chen has a fun house tour to share. In the video below, she shows off the new theme, which showcases New York. It’s an interesting direction that producers went with, but it also shows how luxurious the accommodations are for the celebrities. Nothing like this was seen with the Big Brother 20 cast and it likely won’t remain that way for the Big Brother 21 cast this summer.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 house tour

Sharing the BB Celeb house tour before the January 21 season premiere is a fun treat for fans. It makes the house look more like a hotel stay than the typical reality competition setting from summer seasons. In short, the celebrities should be pretty pleased with what producers have done for them, in addition to giving each of them appearance fees for just showing up.


The new cast is already playing the game, so this house tour was taped before they were all inside the BB house. The 12 new cast members have also been revealed and the site has provided cast photos and bios of each houseguest. It all sets the stage for what could be an exciting winter season for the game. Which one of these celebrities has what it takes to make it all the way to the end and become the second US Celebrity Big Brother winner?

Julie Chen returns as Celebrity Big Brother host

Many fans have still been asking about the winter host on social media. What this house tour does is confirm that it is, indeed, Julie Chen who is hosting the game in 2019. That was a big question due to the controversy that surrounded her husband, Les Moonves. Now, fans can get settled in and prepare to watch the 13 episodes that will get rolled out over the next few months. A full schedule of those episodes is available online.

There is less than a week until the 2019 season premiere airs on CBS. With only 13 episodes this winter, viewers will not want to miss any of the episodes. It’s also going to be interesting to see if there are several Double Eviction nights, as they have to get from 12 houseguests down to a final two in about a month. Who has what it takes to become the 2019 Celebrity Big Brother winner?