You’re the Worst Season 5, Episode 2: The Pin in My Grenade recap

YOU'RE THE WORST -- "The Pin In My Grenade" - Season 5, Episode 2 (Airs January 16, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured (l-r): Aya Cash as Gretchen, Desmin Borges as Edgar, Chris Geere as Jimmy, Kether Donohue as Lindsay. CR: Byron Cohen/FXX
YOU'RE THE WORST -- "The Pin In My Grenade" - Season 5, Episode 2 (Airs January 16, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured (l-r): Aya Cash as Gretchen, Desmin Borges as Edgar, Chris Geere as Jimmy, Kether Donohue as Lindsay. CR: Byron Cohen/FXX /

As You’re the Worst progresses, the eventuality of the wedding will become very prominent. At the current moment, however, the plan is to elope.

Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash) appear to have finally realized their dysfunction can only survive together. As You’re the Worst works towards an eventual car-crash ending, it’s just a matter of solving a few questions.

The first question is about the wedding. Sure, whether or not everyone gets pulled down in the undercurrent of their Titanic is another issue, but the water needs to bailed out before patching a hole in the boat. So Edgar (Desmin Borges) and Lindsay (Kether Donohue) are currently along for the ride, hoping there is room on a life preserver.

The decision is made.

Jimmy and Gretchen are opting for a courthouse elopement. It’s cheaper, easier, and they compare it to a parking ticket. Full disclosure before the wedding and shared bank account: Gretch has several unpaid tickets. Edgar and Lindsay are upset because they wanted to plan it. And Lindsay wants it to be on her birthday.

Hours before the elopement

The loving pair spend their days a bit differently leading up to their ceremony. Gretchen steals the office of a recently fired employee by running in and essentially claiming dibs. When Lindsay comes to visit, they mutually discover a bidet in the office’s private bathroom. The bidet, according to Lindsay, is for when you forget to wipe. She tries to dash towards it, and Gretchen stops her claiming “Prima Nocta, b*tch.” Before Lindsay leaves, however, she throws down a wedding gown she stole from her work to entice Gretchen.

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Meanwhile, Jimmy meets with the group of entertainment executives about the movie rights to his book. They want to hire a screenwriter, which offends Jimmy. Realizing the awkwardness, everyone randomly leaves for “meetings,” leaving Jimmy dumbfounded. He heads to the bar to blow off some steam before he gets hitched.

Obsessed about the lack of wedding, Edgar and Lindsay discuss a plan to change their friends’ minds. They do so while Lindsay vigorously rides Edgar. While they talk about other people. As if they aren’t intimate at all. Mid-coitus they stop to discuss their plans when they both decide the other is the dumb one of the group. Each claims to be the hot one of the group. (Note: Lindsay is definitely the dumb one.)

Last minute to-do lists

Gretchen skypes with her therapist Justina Jordan (Samira Wiley) to inform her of the elopement and internal dilemma. As it turns out, Gretchen made herself a wedding diary as a teen. Along with the diary, she also told her brother, who told his wife. Apparently Gretchen’s sister is conflicted about it, but Gretchen says she should worry about “drowning my nephew.” None of this alarms Justina, but she goes near apoplectic when Gretchen reveals the marriage will be to Jimmy.

To further convince herself, Gretchen tries on the dress, feels nothing, and masturbates with the bidet. Satisfied, she stands up, looks at other settings, and goes reverse cowgirl on the bidet for a different angle.


Meanwhile, Jimmy & Edgar have lunch at a bar where Jimmy waxes eloquently about his ideal wedding, if it weren’t contrary to a “renegade tale of [his] amorous union.” Out of sheer desperation, Edgar tries to entice Jimmy by bringing up weddings he had heckled. Undeterred, Jimmy describes how his perfect wedding might go, if he were into such a thing. Among the lofty aspirations, he planned on celebrity catering, flowers sourced the same day, a dawn ceremony at a posh location, with fog on the horizon and scenery Jimmy described poetically enough to engross everyone at the bar.

Jimmy and Gretchen are both so caught up they miss their elopement by 45 minutes! Jimmy is worried about Gretchen feeling abandoned, AGAIN, but she’s nearly passed out on the bidet.

You're the Worst S5E2
YOU’RE THE WORST — “The Pin In My Grenade” – Season 5, Episode 2 (Airs January 16, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured (l-r): Kether Donohue as Lindsay, Aya Cash as Gretchen. CR: Byron Cohen/FXX /

The two group dummies come up with virtually the same plan: They’ll rough up their friend in a convoluted tale that will serve as an excuse or distraction. Jimmy questions “What idiot would do that,” just as Lindsay was punching Gretchen in the enough to make her look like Mickey Rourke got stung by bees.” Then to sell it more, the girls crash Gretchen’s car as she bemoans her lack of gag reflex and Lindsay realizes her Snapple is in the crashed car.

Both eventually admit to forgetting after Gretchen gets caught exaggerates a guilt trip by saying she was “waiting on the street” and a homeless man hugged her. No clue where City Hall is. He was drinking and she says she was, “banging my new toilet.”

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A deeper meaning is uncovered when Gretchen reveals a secret wedding diary, a secret VHS titled “Gretchen’s Super Duper Wedding Plan,” and a plan to marry Jonathan Taylor Thomas near a chocolate fountain.

Eventually, they set the wedding for June 9, and Edgar/Lindsay aren’t sure why. Gretch puts a 6 and a slash in front of it for 69. They all laugh, Jimmy and Edgar high five.

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