My 600-lb Life Season 7, Episode 4: Justin’s Story is the most inspiring episode ever

Credit: TLC, Acquired via Discovery Press Web
Credit: TLC, Acquired via Discovery Press Web /

My 600-lb Life is a roller coaster this week. A new psychological issue presents itself, and the rental car industry gets exposed for poor customer service.

Realistically, we all secretly want to watch someone like Octavia battle Dr. Now on My 600-lb Life. Deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties you say, “Yes, eat another bucket of chicken by yourself,” while rubbing your hands together evilly.

Based on the drive he once had, Justin is likely to be the opposite of those desires. He graduated college, but food had more pull because his mom was (is?) a drug addict who bought his affection with take out pizza and sausage gravy. Here’s to hoping Dr. Now can curb Justin’s enthusiasm…for cake.

Home Life

Aside from requiring a CPAP to sleep, Justin is a ginger with atrocious facial hair. So the deck was already stacked against him. As he says, everything is difficult. He sees a “mistake” when he walks into the bathroom, and accepts the full responsibility of his DD’s. Thankfully for the editing department of TLC, Justin is plagued by a condition called the “dickie-do,” meaning his belly sticks out more than his dickie do, and blurring is unnecessary when he walks out of his shower naked.

By age 12 he was 200-lbs. By the time he hit college he was 320-lbsish. Graduation rolled around and he was over 500-lbs. A few years later he reached the point he is now, doing an interview for My 600-lb Life in a red shirt like the Kool-Aid man. Only this Kool-Aid man doesn’t break down walls, because Justin’s agoraphobia won’t let him leave the house.

The Average Meal

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Justin has what’s called the Six Sigma of Fast Food. He’s got multiple fast food places set up for delivery on a schedule. It’s actually quite ingenious. For breakfast, he apparently has two or three Zaxby’s value meals, all of which he eats while lying on his stomach. Which is extra weird.

When his mother arrives she quickly springs into action in the kitchen. On the menu are two enormous waffles the size of Justin’s breasts. Both are buried in her famous sausage gravy, which I’ll have to try some time this week. Before the cast iron pan that cooked the sausage gravy is cooled, Justin’s mother is out the door and he’s popping a large pizza in the oven. Once again, on his stomach.

At this point Justin could probably be in one 2 or 3 TLC shows.

Dr. Now’s Evaluation

Before getting to Houston, Justin and his mother have to fly then get a rental car in Houston. You’d think the plane’s seats would be the issue, but the car rental place is a much bigger problem. Even though the reservation is not what was requested, it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t fit in the driver’s seat of any car they have. (Editorial: This is more an aspersion on the rental industry than it is on Justin)

Initial weigh in: 687-lbs. Yikes. Dr. Now rips into Justin and his mother (i.e. enabler), prescribes diet and exercise like usual, and will do the weight loss surgery if Justin drops 50-lbs the first month.

The follow-up appointments & therapy

  • Month 2: He joined Gold’s Gym, works out regularly (but isn’t sweaty when he’s finished), and has been following the diet by getting grilled nuggets from Chick-Fil-A. Which he eats while lying ON.HIS.STOMACH.
  • Month 3: 595-lbs on his weigh-in. That’s a 92-lb weight loss!
  • Month 4: Despite spending money on impossibly bad tattoos, and tipping the scales at over 300-lbs herself, Justin’s mother says she just can’t move to Houston with Justin. Because of “job prospects.” She’s letting him down yet again, and I just don’t trust or believe her. His Dad steps up after a little convincing.
  • Month 6: Justin and his dad move to Houston. Justin does almost all the unpacking. His weight is down to 508-lbs for a total loss of 179-lbs. Gastric Sleeve approved.
  • Month 7: 463-lbs. Total weight loss 225-lbs.
  • Month 8: 446-lbs. Total weight loss 242-lbs.
  • Month 10: 395-lbs. Total weight loss 293-lbs. Way to go, Justin!
  • Month 11: 376-lbs. Total weight loss 312-lbs. Unreal. He looks completely different, and wants to get his pilot’s license.
  • Month 12: 354-lbs. Total weigh loss 334-lbs.

My 600-lb Life: Wholesale Treatment. dark. Next

This is probably the best episode of My 600-lb Life in the history of the show. Justin busted his butt, did what he was supposed to do, rekindled a relationship with his father, and made us all proud. Nearly perfect episode. Here’s hoping he keeps it up.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.