Owen finally decides if he wants to be with Teddy or Amelia on the latest Grey’s Anatomy

GREY'S ANATOMY Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC via ABC Press Site
GREY'S ANATOMY Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC via ABC Press Site /

Catherine deals with the reality of her diagnosis, Owen makes a choice, and Meredith gets close to Link on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Things are going as well as one would expect between Owen, Teddy, and Amelia i.e. not good. For one, Teddy has decided she’s staying put in Seattle to give birth to Owen’s ginger baby. Considering Owen can’t ever make up his mind about his feelings for Teddy and Amelia also works at Grey-Sloan… well, let’s just say I feel like I’m watching Big Love instead of Grey’s Anatomy.

Someone else not happy about Teddy hanging around? Maggie. She’s loyal to Amelia and as such, can’t help but treat Teddy with contempt, though she promises to do her best to maintain a professional atmosphere. Does she know what show she’s on?

As if his love life isn’t stressful enough, Owen gets injected with propofol by anesthesiologist’s errant hand. To Grey’s Anatomy’s credit, I was anticipating a lucid dream in which Owen finds the right answer to his current dilemma, but instead it just takes Owen out of action for a majority of the episode.

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By the time he regains clarity though, he does make a decision. He wants to have his cake and eat it too by being in a relationship with Amelia yet still raising his baby by Teddy’s side.

That all sounds great, Owen, but Teddy is definitely still in love with you and you can never stay away from her. Wishful thinking would be putting it mildly. There is no way this triangle is done just yet.

A family affair

Elsewhere, Amelia and Koracik are hard at work trying to devise the optimal surgical plan to attack Catherine’s tumor. Their medical breakthrough comes from a surprising source: Jo Karev.

And even though the windstorm was last week, no one is prepared for Hurricane Catherine, who finally lets Richard, Jackson, and Meredith Grey have it for the way they’ve been treating her post-diagnosis. Meredith is fired from her surgical team for not keeping her mouth closed. Richard’s hypocrisy is called out given his own recent brush with the law, and Catherine points out this is her choice, her life, her decision, but it has also taken a toll on her and we see the emotional weight of the cancer finally drop when she collapses into sobs.

Talking to Jackson and Richard about the tumor out loud makes it real and she’s understandably scared. Will Grey’s bite the bullet and kill Catherine off? I sure hope not. Right now I’m inclined o believe she’s going to pull through but you never know for sure with this show.

Are you Thor?

Link is pressing Meredith’s buttons, and not the buttons he wants to be pressing. His laid-back techniques in the ER aren’t impressing her. If anything, she grows frustrated with his methods, so different from hers as he prefers to work under the guise “everything will work itself out in the end.” And if anyone knows that isn’t true it’s Meredith Grey.

But he gets his opportunity to impress her outside of the workplace when she needs help throwing a birthday party. Link is charming and perfect around the kids and Meredith falls prey to his Thor impressions and willingness to help out. “You like me.” He says, whilst diving fork-first into a sheet of cake. “I don’t dislike you.” Which is high praise from Meredith. Enough so that she ignores a text from Deluca, who is in a celebratory mood after flying solo on a difficult surgery. Looks like trouble ahead for MerLuca fans!

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Odds & Ends

  • It looks like Owen has his own “Earl” this week. Shout-out to any New Amsterdam fans reading this.
  • I think Levi trying to change himself to fit his newfound confidence may backfire. As a glasses-wearer myself, there’s nothing wrong with them!
  • The patient-of-the-week cases were somewhat weak this episode.
  • I don’t mind Link, and the idea of Link and Meredith together is cute but I hope the Grey’s writers aren’t seriously considering throwing the sizzling chemistry between Ellen Pompeo and Giacomo Gianniotti out the window.

A new episode of Grey’s Anatomy airs January 31 on ABC.