Valley of the Boom exclusive clip: Lying is a mortal sin

VALLEY OF THE BOOM. -- National Geographic/Bettina Strauss -- Acquired via National Geographic Press Site
VALLEY OF THE BOOM. -- National Geographic/Bettina Strauss -- Acquired via National Geographic Press Site /

Can you remember a time before Facebook, YouTube, and Google? Valley of the Boom will take you through that and here’s an exclusive sneak of Sunday’s episode.

Valley of the Boom is the highly anticipated premiere of the weekend, airing on National Geographic. Telling the true story of life before the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Google, it looks at the dot-com bubble. Starring Dakota Shapiro, Oliver Cooper, and Steve Zahn, among others, the series focuses on the rise and fall and Hidden Remote has an exclusive clip from the series.

It’s all about the moment iBash fell apart. During a massive concert in Vegas, Pixelon launched iBash and it was meant to be revolutionary in streaming technology. Considering live streaming has its hiccups now, it shouldn’t be surprising that in the 80s, things didn’t quite work out.

However, when you launch something during the middle of an extravagant party, you need to make sure it’s going to work — or there will be an extravagant failure. The exclusive peek shows just how the failure began.

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Steven Zahn plays Michael Fenne, who was supposed to be the one to help fix the problem that had arisen. Of course, he’s so positive that this is going to work that he accuses an employee of lying. Yes, lying is a mortal sin but it looks like one of the seven deadly sins is getting in the way of Fenne’s leadership. Of course, being a conman, Fenne probably doesn’t care about mortal or deadly sins.

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Valley of the Boom will give you an insight to the past. What you’re used to right now used to be very different and this is the chance to learn about that dot-com bubble.

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What do you remember of the dot-com bubble? Are you ready to watch the fallout? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Valley of the Boom premieres on Jan. 27 at 9/8c on National Geographic.