Now Apocalypse: 5 takeaways from the series premiere

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Now Apocalypse
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Now Apocalypse kicks off with a crazy, somewhat hallucinogenic, premiere. Here are the five big takeaways from the first episode!

It’s hard to figure out a place to begin with a premiere as wild as that one was. The trailer does a good job of establishing the tone of Now Apocalypse, so I was prepared going in and I thoroughly enjoyed the final product. I have to say too, this cast is possibly one of the most gorgeous assembly of people I’ve seen on a show in a while. Which is great since they’re frequently in states of undress!

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Let’s take a look at the five biggest takeaways from Now Apocalypse’s series premiere.

5. Ford and Severine have an interesting relationship.

Severine is an intellectual beauty and Ford is a muscley, screenwriting beauty. But they have a pretty unconventional relationship and characterizations. I always appreciate when television shows try something different.

For starters, Ford isn’t a jerk, like you might expect. In fact, he’s extremely sweet, pretty naive, and a creative heart trying to make it as a writer in the shark-infested waters of LA.

Ford convinced Ulysses to move to LA with him six months ago, his parents bankroll the apartment. Already he has a producer interested in his screenplay (maybe, the guy was a little sketchy so it remains to be seen what his real intentions are).

Severine is an astrobiological theorist who works for the government on a top secret project. She’s ambitious, mysterious, and drop-dead gorgeous. She also doesn’t believe in monogamy, much to the chagrin of Ford. Though the two are obviously sexually compatible and Severine allows Ford to call her his girlfriend, it’s clear he’s more invested emotionally than she is.

I have a feeling Severine’s job is going to end up playing a big role in the series’ lurking conspiracy.