Supergirl Season 4, Episode 14 recap: March for aliens

Supergirl -- "Stand and Deliver" -- Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supergirl -- "Stand and Deliver" -- Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

When a rally against aliens clashes with a march for aliens things threaten to get violent on this week’s Supergirl.

The Elite are out to cause trouble again on Supergirl. They manage to break into the Fortress of Solitude and though Dreamer sees them there and Supergirl and the Super Friends arrive to stop them, it’s not before Manchester Black picks up a useful tool to aid his cause. The Super Friends believe Manchester Black dove into a room with a baby sun eater and perished, but unbeknownst to them Hat saved him.

At the DEO Colonel Haley gives Alex the unwelcome news that she has been put in charge of Ben Lockwood’s security detail by the president. Ben Lockwood, now the Director of Alien Affairs, plans to try to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act that allows aliens to have rights on Earth.

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Ben Lockwood organizes a rally to gain support for his plan to repeal the act, and in retaliation a march for aliens is organized by none other than Brainy who goes online under the pseudonym of “American Alien”. It was Brainy’s way of still being a hero without his Legion Ring.

Brainy asks Supergirl to march, as a fellow citizen of Earth, but she refuses and says it’s more important for her to patrol.  During her patrol she sees a heckler at the rally so she tries to defend the aliens by telling him they’re just like her, they’re not there to hurt anyone. But the heckler draws a clear distinction between Supergirl and the others, because Supergirl is a hero.

Supergirl — “Stand and Deliver” — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
Supergirl — “Stand and Deliver” — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Realizing how important it is for people to see Supergirl march with the others, she shows up to the march in her Kryptonian garb as Kara Zor El and is joined by Nia and J’onn as well. Things at the rally were tense but non-violent, that is until Manchester Black shows up and riles up the alien crowd. He tells the crowd to find the nearest alien hater and kill them and chaos breaks out.

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Matters are made worse by the fact that Manchester has holograms of himself all around. So even though J’onn chases him it’s difficult to find the real Manchester. J’onn’s anger makes him persistent though, and he doesn’t give up. Once he thinks he’s found the real Manchester he proceeds to violently attack him, only to find out it’s another hologram and it was a member of the Children of Liberty who’s mouth had been taped shut. In the end, J’onn decides to hunt Manchester like a Manhunter.

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Supergirl and Dreamer try to handle the chaos as violence breaks out at the rally and the police arrive. But when things get bad, people come together and human and aliens alike come to the aid of those who have been hurt. James Olsen manages to capture the images on camera so in the end some good came from the violence as hearts and minds were changed.

Ben Lockwood and the President were also forced to say that it would be best to hold congressional hearings before taking any actions to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act. So it was a win for the Super Friends and all the aliens on Earth.

In the meantime, Lena has still been working on her experiments to give humans superpowers, and despite Colonel Haley’s pressure she has refused to test on soldiers until she’s absolutely ready. However, when Colonel Haley comes to tell them to take the night off, Lena ominously says that tomorrow may be too late.

At CatCo, James has been working late into the night and as he goes to leave he is shot by an unseen assailant. Is Lena’s statement about tomorrow being too late connected to the attack on James? It seems a big coincidence otherwise.

Supergirl — “Stand and Deliver” — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
Supergirl — “Stand and Deliver” — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Especially with her brother Lex showing up next week and her strange attitude over the past few episodes. It’s not inconceivable that Lex has been threatening James to get a hold over Lena. And what are the chances that James will now be Lena’s test subject in order to save his life?

Perhaps James’s attack was not connected to Lena but rather connected to his research into an L Corp black budget. He asked Eve about it, who assured him that there was nothing to worry about and that they were the “good guys”. But isn’t that what a bad guy would say?

It is also interesting to note that in the comics Eve Tesmacher is often an associate of Lex. Could Eve be working for Lex behind Lena’s back? We’ll likely find out next week.

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Do you think Eve is working for Lex? Is Lex behind James getting shot and will James get powers now?  Let us know what you think!

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8pm EST on the CW.