Game of Thrones: Cersei Lannister’s journey to Season 8

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Game of Thrones
Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister – Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO via HBO Media Relations /

Game of Thrones premieres its final season April 14, and one of the characters we will all be closely watching is Lena Headey’s Cersei Lannister.

Cersei Lannister, you either love her or can’t stand her. Either way, though, she is a key player in Game of Thrones. All eyes will be on her next move come April 14, and we are beyond ready. What awaits the Mad Queen? Before we dive into where Cersei Lannister is now, let’s take a look back at the character’s journey to Season 8.

Not caught up on the series? Spoilers ahead! Assuming you’re up to speed on Cersei’s journey, below is a quick recap of main events.

Lena Headey’s character, Cersei Lannister first makes her appearance in the series premiere, “Winter is Coming.” She isn’t very nice or humble, yet we’re drawn to her. Not only is the acting superb, but Cersei is immediately intriguing. Despite her being cold from the start, she only grows more cruel each season. Rewatching all episodes a second time is even more interesting than the first watch, as we witness her transition to where she is now more carefully.

Cersei is the daughter of Tywin Lannister, who is later killed by his own son and Cersei’s younger brother, Tyrion. But that’s a story for another day, let’s keep the focus on Cersei. She also has a twin brother, Jaime, who she’s very close with. I think we can all agree she and Jaime are a little too close.

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During the first several seasons, Cersei and Jaime have a complicated, secret romantic relationship. In fact, all three of her kids are with her brother. But rewinding to when Cersei was a teenager, we learn she and some friends visited a seer.

The seer warned Cersei that all three of her future children would die before her, and that, though she will become Queen eventually, a younger and more beautiful woman would take over her place.

So far, all of that has come true. The only thing that needs to happen now to complete the prophecy is for Daenerys Targaryen to take the crown and Iron Throne.