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THE BOLD TYPE -- "Plus It Up" Episode 302 -- Pictured: (l-r) Peter Vack as Patrick, Aisha Dee as Kat -- (Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Freeform/Universal Television)
THE BOLD TYPE -- "Plus It Up" Episode 302 -- Pictured: (l-r) Peter Vack as Patrick, Aisha Dee as Kat -- (Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Freeform/Universal Television) /

In the latest episode of The Bold Type, Jane and Pinstripe receive a personal assignment while Kat rallies to save a lesbian bar with a Queer Prom.

Last week in the Season 3 premiere of The Bold Type, Jane made her decision between Dr. Ben and Pinstripe, and it was rather… revealing. But this week, things between Jane and Pinstripe are going to get a little more personal. When she begins her fertility treatments for freezing her eggs, her new editor suggests writing a piece with Pinstripe about the process. Unfortunately, Jane isn’t sold on the idea of her boyfriend witnessing the intimate ins and outs of the experience.

Elsewhere on The Bold Type, Kat continues to lean into her persona as an online influencer and use her influence to save a lesbian bar that will soon be turned into condos. Surely sending a plea to her thousands of followers, Kat organizes a Queer Prom fundraiser to come to her favorite bar’s rescue. Meanwhile, Sutton officially moves in with Richard, but she has to draw the line when he attempts to lend a helping hand as she puts more hours in at work.

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Will Jane’s apprehension with bringing Pinstripe along on the journey for her fertility treatments persist, or will she let her guard down? Could writing about the process together be a cathartic outlet as a couple?

Does Kat’s desire to save the lesbian bar have layers having to do with Adena? Are her efforts to save it successful? Will Sutton and Richard moving in together work out, or will Sutton’s seeming loss of independence interfere?

Don’t miss the answers to these questions and more as the latest OMG moments unfold in The Bold Type’s latest episode on Tuesday night. Watch a sneak peek of what to expect from Season 3, Episode 2 in the first-look trailer below!

Curious as to what we can expect from the latest Season 3 episode of The Bold Type? Check out the official synopsis of “Plus It Up” via Freeform:

"Jane begins her fertility treatments in preparation for freezing her eggs and is assigned an article to write about her experience, but with a very personal twist. Kat learns that a prominent lesbian bar is being closed down and replaced with condos and decides to throw a Queer Prom to fundraise its rescue. Sutton moves in with Richard but struggles to accept his help when Oliver’s mysterious absences force her to put in more hours at work."

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When, where, and how can you join the ladies of The Bold Type to smash the patriarchy? For starters, the entire 10-episode first and second seasons are streaming on Hulu and Freeform’s website (both with subscriptions). The 10-episode third season airs on Freeform with repeat viewings available on the aforementioned video on demand services.

But if you want to catch the show live, here are all of the details you need to know to make sure you don’t miss a single minute of the second season of your favorite spring obsession!

When? Tuesday, April 16
What time? 8 p.m. ET
Which episode? Season 3, Episode 2, “Plus It Up”
Where? Freeform
How can you watch? Stream 1 | Stream 2