Who is Elissa Slater on The Amazing Race 31?


Elissa Slater is moving from the Big Brother house to participate on The Amazing Race 31 with her sister. Elissa and Rachel Reilly are one of 11 teams competing for the $1 million cash prize.

Elissa Slater was a Big Brother 15 cast member, joining the show after her sister, Rachel Reilly, had already competed on it two times. Rachel won Big Brother 13, casting a very large shadow on Elissa. At first, Elissa tried to keep her relationship with Rachel a secret from the BB15 cast, but her mannerisms were too similar. As people started to figure it out, Elissa came clean.

Elissa Slater on Big Brother 15

While Elissa didn’t end up winning her season of the show, she did make it all the way to sixth place. It was a good run for someone with such strong ties to a former houseguest. It might have been interesting to see how she could have done if nobody had figured out she was sisters with Rachel.

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There were a lot of memorable houseguests who were a part of the BB15 cast. It was Andy Herren who became the Big Brother 15 winner. Other cast members included GinaMarie Zimmerman, McCrae Olson, Amanda Zuckerman, and Aaryn Gries. The season was embroiled in a lot of controversies due to the comments and statements a number of the cast members made on the CBS live feeds.

Elissa and Rachel Reilly on The Amazing Race 31

Elissa and Rachel are making up one of the three teams of former Big Brother houseguests who are participating in The Amazing Race Season 31. This is actually the third time that Rachel has participated in the race around the world. On Season 20 and Season 24, Rachel ran the race with her husband, Brendan Villegas. During both seasons, the couple made it all the way to the end but finished in third place.

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The season premiere of The Amazing Race 31 is on Wednesday, April 17. Episodes will be airing at 9/8c on CBS, following new installments of Survivor. Can the duo of Elissa Slater and Rachel Reilly win The Amazing Race? Tune in to find out!