Watch Barry Season 2, Episode 4: What?!

Bill Hader and Henry Winkler in Barry / Photo Credit: HBO
Bill Hader and Henry Winkler in Barry / Photo Credit: HBO /

Barry must learn to deal with his anger as a familiar enemy resurfaces in Sally’s life on the newest episode of HBO’s Barry Season 2.

As Barry revisits his past, the more difficult it becomes to face reality. As much as Barry wants to change his life, he will never be able to forget the people he killed. Barry would benefit greatly if he had someone to talk to about this time in the war, but at the moment, he’s not ready to fully open up to anyone even if that someone is his former mentor, Fuches. In case you missed last week, here is a brief recap of the third episode from HBO’s Barry Season 2.

After Gene demands Barry to retell the story about his first kill in Afghanistan, Barry decides to write about a different time from the war in which he saves a friend’s life instead of taking one. However, it’s clear that the story is not cut and dry because Barry withholds key information while writing the script.

While working on his monologue, NoHo Hank and one of his henchman attempt to shoot Barry from a nearby roof, but the bullets completely miss the target. After Barry threatens the life of Hank, they cut a deal. Instead of killing Esther, Barry will train Hank’s men to become better assassins. However, during their training, Barry quickly learns that all but one of Hank’s men are ill-equipped marksmen.

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While at work, Barry is visited by Fuches, who is still working for Detective Loach. Although Fuches attempts to get a confession about the murder of Detective Moss, he later changes his mind after Barry admits that he’s happy to see him. Barry opens up to Fuches about his past and how he’s struggling to talk about the war with his peers. Although Barry wants to tell the truth for his story in class, Fuches suggests fabricating the story to make it more entertaining. When Barry uses the speech from Braveheart to describe his scene, Gene quickly recognizes it and begs Barry to open up.

Meanwhile, Sally also attempts to revisit her past relationship with her ex-husband, Sam. Sally believes that she stood up to her abusive husband before leaving, but her friend Kate said that never happened. During class, when Sally acts out her scene, she uses Barry to play the role of Sam.

As Barry refuses to play a dark character, Sally and Gene urge him to dig into his past and use the pain to his advantage. However, Barry reaches his boiling point and runs out of the class. When Sally reconnects with Barry in the parking lot, she freezes up and pauses as Sam is standing across from her, much to the dismay of Barry

Episode 4 is set to dive into Sally’s past as she attempts to adjust to Sam’s presence in Los Angeles. However, Barry, who wants to hurt Sam for what he did to Sally, will have to test his patience and give Sally her space. Check out the official synopsis from episode 4 below.

"Barry’s patience is put to the test when a figure from Sally’s past arrives in LA. Gene gets a pleasant surprise and encourages Barry to believe that change is possible."

Will Barry be able to stay patient when Sally’s ex-husband returns to town? For more information on Barry  Season 2, Episode 4, scroll below.

Date: Sunday, April 21
Start Time: 10 p.m. EST
Episode: Season 2, Episode 4, “What?!”
TV Channel: HBO
Where to watch: HBO network | Hulu |  HBO Now and HBO Go

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Barry Season 2 airs on Sunday nights on HBO at 10 p.m. EST.