Now Apocalypse recap: 5 surprising moments from Season 1, Episode 7

Now Apocalypse - Pictured: Avan Jogia - Photo Courtesy of STARZ Media Center
Now Apocalypse - Pictured: Avan Jogia - Photo Courtesy of STARZ Media Center /

Severine and Ford continue to explore the boundaries of their relationship and Ulysses meets someone new on the latest episode of Now Apocalypse.

On the latest Now Apocalypse we got to see Ulysses go on a date with someone special this week that isn’t the ever-ghosting Gabriel! Is there relationship going to be doomed because of the potential apocalypse (that never seems to get any closer) or might they actually be together for the long-haul? Let’s go over some of the episode’s most surprising moments and see if we can’t make a good estimated guess!

5. Carly gets involved in a lucrative business…?

Well Carly’s career as a cam girl is flourishing while her acting career is going down the toilet. She’s kind of on the verge of some kind of meltdown this week. First she decides to see a bottle of her pee to that same weird guy from her website named Worm, of all things. I mean she makes a quick $200 bucks so you do you, Carly.

Later on when she gets home – to a strange new roommate who has put a potentially Amish family in her bedroom – Carly finds out that her friend Kai booked a role in the new Star Wars movie. Her anger and jealousy push her to the edge and she throws all her BDSM stuff into a bag, prepared to collect Jethro for a night of debauchery to blow off some steam.

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4. Gabriel is, you know, that Gabriel.

Still no sign of Gabriel in real life but Ulysses does get a visit from him in one of his weed-induced dreams/prophetic visions of the future?

It was implied earlier but now it’s for certain, Gabriel is supposed to be the biblical Gabriel, as in archangel Gabriel. Of course, we don’t know if that’s meant to be a real-life paradigm or just in Uly’s head.

In the dream Gabriel is a hot, shirtless, trumpet-playing version of said religious figure and he has come to warn Ulysses of the impending extinction of mankind. So does that mean Gabriel has been a hallucination all along? Or is Carly right and Ulysses really needs to go cold turkey off drugs for a while?

3. Severine and Ford go to a sex party.

It’s not all that shocking, given the craziness we’ve already seen on this show, but Severine and Ford take their relationship to a new place this week. Sev brings Ford to a local sex party for another threesome, well, in this case it’s more of a straight-up orgy, but it appears their relationship may be back on track again.

Except, Severine is spotted spying on the neighbors again when home alone. She has a big night planned for Ford by episode’s end, one we aren’t privy to in this episode.

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Watch Now Apocalypse with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels! /

2. Ford’s photos get a BIG debut.

Remember those photos Otto took that popped up again last week? Well they’re officially out in the public now. Ford’s pornographic imagery is all over town, on the side of buses, skyscrapers, park benches, you name it.

Ford is totally freaked out at first because he doesn’t want to embarrass Severine. Lucky for him, she has no problem with it and actually finds it rather erotic, hence why she has a special night planned for them.

1. Ulysses meets someone new.

Jacob Artist begins his four-episode guest arc this week as Isaac, a sweet social worker that immediately hits it off with Ulysses. For the first time since Gabriel, Ulysses actually appears smitten by someone new. It doesn’t keep his mind from wandering back to Gabriel in the middle of their hook-up though.

He even calls it off for the night, or intends to, before the sexual tension gets too strong and they both break their resolve and sleep together. I hope this time things work out for Ulysses. Isaac seems really sweet and I’m curious to see how this new couple ties in with the overall “impending apocalypse” thing.

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Odds & ends

  • Ford is so SOFT. The fact he made Uly an apology breakfast and started crying because he was so upset about their fight! He’s so sweet.
  • “I’m not a moron Sev. I know an Illuminati sex party when I see one.”
  • For a show that prides itself on being open and positive about sexuality, it’s a little odd we haven’t seen full-frontal male nudity yet. I mean they’ve had everything else under the sun! Time to level the playing field.

A new episode of Now Apocalypse, titled “Unknown Pleasures”, premieres April 28 at 9/8c on STARZ.