Dirty Mudder Truckers premieres in May: Exclusive sneak peek into Discovery’s newest series

Temporary High and Chasin’ Paper take off at the starting line. -- Photo courtesy of Discovery
Temporary High and Chasin’ Paper take off at the starting line. -- Photo courtesy of Discovery /

Discovery has another car series coming this month and you’re gonna love it. Dirty Mudder Truckers premieres at the end of the month and here’s an exclusive first look at the series.

Trucks, mud, and racing. What more could you ask for from this new and exciting Discovery series? Dirty Mudder Truckers is premiering in May and you’re not gonna want to miss out. Check out all the details for the new series, along with an exclusive first look.

Produced by Magilla Entertainment, Matthew Ostrom, Laura Palumbo Johnson, Jason Fox, Kevin Allgood, and Pete DeLasho serve as executive producers on the series, with Sydney Clover from Discovery Channel also serving as executive producer. It will take you through the world of underground truck racing, once a second and now the ultimate adrenaline rush for all. And you’ll get to see it all beginning on May 27, 2019.

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Back in 2005, Chuck Davis, Chris Ledford and Matt Steele founded “Trucks Gone Wild” and brought a series of bogging and truck pull down events throughout Central Florida. Some of the baddest drives and trucks took part in the competitions.

Now it’s time for the Dirty 7 to get down and dirty in what’s known as The Pit. Who are the Dirty 7? Only a crew of Central Florida’s top racers. Each week, a different crew from around the country will go to Central Florida to take on the Dirty 7. Who will win?

With a 750ft stretch of mud and a 10ft table top jump, it may not be about winning but about giving us some of the best entertainment on TV. Well, okay, it’s about winning. There’s a cash prize for the toughest of them all and bragging rights for eternity.

Take a look at the exclusive first look of Dirty Mudder Truckers only on Discovery.

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When you want a thrilling ride, this is the show to turn to. There’s so much adrenaline pumping in the promo, you know this is going to be a must-watch this summer.

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Don’t miss out on Dirty Mudder Truckers. It premieres May 27 at 10/9c on Discovery.