5 questions we have for Season 2 of Now Apocalypse

Now Apocalypse - Pictured (L-R): Roxane Mesquida, Beau Mirchoff, Avan Jogia, Kelli Berglund - Photo Credit to STARZ Media Center
Now Apocalypse - Pictured (L-R): Roxane Mesquida, Beau Mirchoff, Avan Jogia, Kelli Berglund - Photo Credit to STARZ Media Center /

Every character plummets into a disaster during the finale hour of Now Apocalypse’s first season. We have five burning questions for Season 2.

If you were hoping for answers to any of the strange mysteries plaguing the first season of Now Apocalypse, then you’re out of luck. The first season finale did little to wrap up anything, at all. It didn’t give us any answers, only more questions and lots of relationship turmoil. The whacky, psychedelic sex comedy stayed true to its romantic roots to the final seconds of the episode.

5. Why was Cleopatra in Ford’s bedroom?

After breaking up with Severine, Ford is in a dark place. He tries to have sex with Cleopatra, but ultimately he’s too emotionally distraught to go through with it. He unceremoniously kicks her out of his car and drives off. Not his nicest move.

At the end of the episode, Ford is in bed and suddenly turns around to see a naked Cleopatra standing over him, looking very menacing. He screams and the camera cuts. We don’t know what happens after that. Was he having a nightmare? Is Cleopatra going to attack him? She almost looked alien-like for a moment.

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4. What’s in store for Severine in Roswell?

Severine is doing better post-breakup than Ford is. I’m pretty sure she’s wanted this all along although she does fondly look back on some photos on the two of them.

Perhaps she got more attached than she realized. It doesn’t stop her from getting sexually involved with her neighbor across the street. They intend to take their relationship to the next level with an actual meet-up in person.

Except when he leaves his apartment he walks outside and immediately gets hit by a car and dies on the road, all why Severine watches! It’s a strange moment, and we don’t find out anything more about the man. Was this a sign from above that she should still be with Ford? The last we see of Severine she is on the plane, Roswell-bound.

3. Will Carley remain a cam girl?

Carley and Jethro get into a screaming fight when he discovers she’s a cam girl. They don’t reach any resolution, and Carley kicks him out so she can instead focus on her upcoming meeting with STARZ (clever). It doesn’t go according to plan. She’s back to square one with camming being her primary source of income.

Eventually, Jethro shows up at her apartment, drunk out of his mind, hoping to make amends. She finally breaks up with him for good. We don’t see her again in the finale. What’s next for her? Will she continue camming?

2. What does Gabriel want from Ulysses?

For the first time since the pilot, Ulysses has a face-to-face meeting with Gabriel. It comes at the cost of his relationship with Isaac, which sucks, I liked them together. But he grew wary at the “complicated” explanation Uly gave him about his past with Gabriel and the text messages coming from him.

When we do see Gabriel, he’s holding a trumpet, as if he’s the archangel. Was Gabriel there? It could be another hallucination since we know Uly was high again. If it’s not, then what is Gabriel there to discuss? Will we finally find out about his strange habit of ghosting Uly and the possibility he has some supernatural, or alien, ability?

1. What will happen to Jethro now?

The final scene of the episode is a rape scene. I have no idea why Now Apocalypse thought this was the right thing to include in the show. I recall one of the creators mentioning they wanted the series to depict positive sexuality and this wasn’t it.

The moment was shocking, grotesque, and totally over the top. I’m guessing the writers intended it to be a moment of black comedy, but the thing is, sexual assault isn’t funny. Never has been and never will be. That said, it’s what happens to Jethro. An alien being rapes him and based on what a homeless man told Ulysses earlier, he could be impregnated by it. Poor Jethro is going to have a rough go of it next season.

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There is no news yet on whether or not STARZ will choose to renew Now Apocalypse for a second season. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for news!