The 5 most surprising moments from the Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 finale

GREY'S ANATOMY - "Jump into the Fog" - (ABC/Jessica Brooks)CHANDRA WILSON, DEBBIE ALLEN
GREY'S ANATOMY - "Jump into the Fog" - (ABC/Jessica Brooks)CHANDRA WILSON, DEBBIE ALLEN /

Grey’s Anatomy reigns in another season on the heels of a two-season renewal! Fog invades Seattle and plenty of lives, and jobs, are at risk.

Yes, you read the above correctly. Grey’s Anatomy has indeed been renewed for a 16th and 17th season with Ellen Pompeo set to return for both! With that in mind, it’s easier to accept this finale without worrying about the show’s fate (although I think ABC will give us a full season’s notice when it ends given the popularity).

Dense fog has invaded Seattle and made a mess of the roads and therefore the hospital. Not that Grey-Sloan ever needed weather disasters to make a mess, the internal chaos brewing over the insurance fraud scandal is daunting enough as it is.

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There were a few nail-biting moments and several genuinely surprising ones. I felt that this finale gave us more closure than most on a few persistent storylines. Headed into the 16th season, Grey’s is going to be tackling one of its trickiest legal battles yet as both Alex and Richard get wrapped up in the Andrew-Meredith insurance trouble.

5. Once again, Teddy and Owen are in love.

I was hoping Owen wouldn’t confess his love to a woman again, but alas, the writers had other plans in mind. As expected, Owen spills his guts to Teddy in the middle of childbirth. He’s in love with her and this time he means it (the jury is out on whether he really does). Teddy is enraptured with Owen too. They share a moment over their newborn daughter, and poor Tom Koracick is left at home building a baby crib alone.

I don’t even like Koracick that much, but wow, that is stone-cold. His actor was promoted to series regular status for next season too. Will there ever be a time when Owen isn’t in a love triangle? How bitter is Tom going to be roaming the Grey-Sloan halls in Season 16? I don’t blame him one bit, but it will sure make for some awkward encounters.

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GREY’S ANATOMY – “Jump into the Fog” – (ABC/Jessica Brooks) CHRIS CARMACK, CATERINA SCORSONE /

4. Amelia realizes she needs some me time.

Amelia goes on quite the journey this week. She has to contend with Teddy going into labor, which she does with typical Amelia flare by getting a cop to drive them to the hospital in the middle of a traffic pile-up.

For a moment, Teddy and Amelia even talk about the elephant in the room, Owen. Amelia wonders why they can’t be friends. I’ve been asking myself that same question for a while now. I wish Owen were entirely out of the picture because I’d much rather see these two together, but I digress.

I’m not sure if a real friendship will develop between them or not. It’s too early to tell. Amelia admits she is still somewhat in love with Owen and because of this realization, she decides to cool things off with Link. I do hope those two find their way back to one another because they’re one of my favorite relationships on the show. At the same time, I think Amelia is right to take some solitary time to figure things out and address what her life will be like without Owen in it.

3. Nico and Levi make amends.

One relationship I didn’t anticipate patching things up this week: Nico and Schmidt, I was pleasantly surprised by the cute little storyline they got. Just like Link said to Levi before, Nico finally comes around and approaches Levi to talk about why he’s been acting so cold and distant lately. He’s grappling with the death of his patient, and all he feels right now is anger. But opening up to Levi about this is a step in the right direction.

Plus we get a great scene of them cuddling on the couch while Levi sobs over the movie My Girl. And he comes out to his mom and introduces Nico as his boyfriend!

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2. The hospital loses five doctors.

How are the doors of Grey-Sloan Memorial going to stay open next season when the hospital is down five doctors? Not only is Andrew DeLuca now behind bars, but Jo has decided to take a medical leave of absence to take care of her mental health, and Bailey fires Alex, Meredith, and Richard in one fell swoop once they all try to confess to the insurance fraud.

If I had to hazard a guess, I would say none of these changes are permanent (but you never know), yet it wouldn’t be great storytelling for them to all come back in the Season 16 premiere. There’s no way Meredith is staying gone for good when Ellen Pompeo just signed on to star in at least two more seasons so her exit from the hospital will assuredly be temporary. As for the others, I also imagine their medical hiatuses will be brief, but when they come back, or how, is yet to be determined.

1. Where in the world is Jackson Avery?

Maggie and Jackson’s camping trip ends in a potentially relationship-ending argument. Maggie realizes Jackson may love her, but he doesn’t like her. Jackson has continually trying to change her into something she’s not. Whereas Maggie may not respect Jackson and the life he’s led due to his privileged upbringing. A layer of stress overlaying a weekend that had already gone awry makes tensions run even higher.

Maggie wants to get back to the hospital ASAP to check on Gus, but the unyielding fog makes that impossible. Jackson gets out to check on their surroundings, and that’s the last we see of him. After realizing it’s been too long since he left, Maggie goes to check on him and finds he’s nowhere in sight. Could Jackson be seriously injured somewhere? Let’s hope not. The hospital can’t spare any more surgeons.

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Odds & ends

  • Did we get official confirmation of bisexual Amelia? She not only admits to having a crush on Carina but claims she masturbated to a fantasy of her as well.
  • Alex is one of my favorite characters, but he’s been a little more insensitive towards Jo’s situation than I’ve liked. I understand his frustration about not being able to help him but calling her a ghost and saying she disappeared is one of the worst things for a depressed person to feel or hear.
  • I adore Richard and how much he cares for Meredith. Thatcher could never compete.
  • RED ALERT: MEREDITH TOLD ANDREW SHE LOVED HIM. My heart grew three sizes this night.

Grey’s Anatomy will return this fall on ABC with its 16th season.